What happened to the “Happy Birthday” thing?

Friday, August 1, 2014: President Obama deigned to answer a few questions from the press.  Poor baby … nobody asked him how he would be spending his birthday! 

You gotta wonder if that’s the real reason he showed up in the press room in the first place.  He usually doesn’t go anywhere near the place.  Finally … after much nudging … ONE reporter wished him a happy birthday. Phew.

What happened to the “Happy Birthday” thing? 

I could be wrong, Mr. President, but just maybe everybody is sick and tired of the “Look At Me Lie Presidency.”

Barack's birth certificate cake


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2 responses to “What happened to the “Happy Birthday” thing?

  1. Ting

    Don’t worry. He will remind us himself.


  2. Kept a barf bag handy while I watched that press conference.