Bibi to Barack: Don’t second guess me again

Bibi and Barack no love lost

Mike Miller writes at IJ Review:

Barack Obama and his administration have been at the forefront of calling for cease-fire after cease-fire from the outset. In every instance, those cease-fires have been violated by Hamas. While Obama said what he had to say Friday, it was almost as if he were shocked by the terrorist group’s latest violation.

The question is, why was he surprised? Hamas is a terrorist organization. It is designated as such by the U.S. State Department.

Terrorists don’t have a very good track record of honoring cease-fires or peace agreements. Instead, they exploit the other side in an effort to regroup. In the case of Hamas, it rearms, digs more tunnels and plots its next move – all aimed at the eventual destruction of Israel.

The reality is, Mr. President, until and unless the IDF – Israeli Defense Force – destroys Hamas rocket stockpiles, tunnels and other infrastructure, you can try to force all the cease-fires on Israel you want; Hamas will violate them every time.


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