Less disgusted with those Ventura jurors

National Review is a very conservative magazine. They published this analysis of the Ventura lawsuit that sided with … Ventura!  The author made some very interesting points. I still think Ventura is a jerk, but since reading this very reasoned analysis, I am much less disgusted with the jurors who found in his favor.



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5 responses to “Less disgusted with those Ventura jurors

  1. Sorry, I disagree. We knew all this before we went “hysterical” the day the verdict was announced. It doesn’t change my opinion one millimeter. I agree that the NR article is persuasive on the surface, but I find it, on the whole, a collection of very pathetic and generally baseless arguments that amount to no more than a series of speculations.

    The guy claims it’s not just a “his-word-against-his” situation. The hell it’s not. The high priests managed to find lots of creative witnesses against Jesus, too, and Jesus failed to give a compelling defense and that all helped them to convict him. But when all was said and done, there was zero evidence in both cases. They both came down to just one thing. Who do you trust?

    Well, after all this time, we know Jesse Ventura pretty well, and the picture ain’t pretty. He feels like he knows us pretty well, too, and his opinion of people of faith is extremely low. But that’s only one reason why I trust Kyle’s word over Ventura’s.

    But the other arguments are insultingly poor. “It didn’t start out as a lawsuit against a widow.” Really? That’s this guy’s defense? Technically true, but it sure as hell became one, and Ventura did nothing to stop it. I’m just not impressed, and I don’t think this essay is up to the NR’s usual standards, but that’s just MO.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Thanks, Grunt. It’s good to see yet another facet. I had not been following any of this prior to the jury decision, so didn’t know who Chris Kyle was and only vaguely knew that Jesse Ventura was a former pro-wrestler who became a governor for a while.

      My personal feeling is that Ventura would’ve done well to turn the other cheek from the get go. But the Left doesn’t follow Jesus’ actual teachings, only the twisted, cherry-picked and mis-interpreted versions that serve their agendas, so that was never going to happen.