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Less disgusted with those Ventura jurors

National Review is a very conservative magazine. They published this analysis of the Ventura lawsuit that sided with … Ventura!  The author made some very interesting points. I still think Ventura is a jerk, but since reading this very reasoned analysis, I am much less disgusted with the jurors who found in his favor.



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My grandmother’s wedding gown was made of this stuff and so was the fancy undergarment with hand-made lace that we inherited from dh’s great-grandmother’s trousseau and the curtains my mom favored for privacy that she called ‘sheers’. I just never knew before today that this fabric was called BATISTE.  So yay for SCRABBLE … I learned a new word and got 76 points for the BINGO.


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SUGAR So what's in the bag

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Clintons face new scandal

2014_07 30 Clintons face new scandal

It appears that Hillary Clinton improperly used her position as Obama’s Secretary of State to help husband Bill rake in a whopping $48 Million in consulting and speaking fees around the world.

The State Department has designated ethics advisers to alert the Secretary of State about potential or actual conflicts of interest. They were tasked with keeping an eye on Bill Clinton’s consulting and speech schedules, but somehow never found a single objection to even one of Bill Clinton’s proposed speeches.

In the four years his wife was presiding over U.S. foreign policy, Bill Clinton gave 215 speeches in China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Panama, Turkey, Taiwan, India, the Cayman Islands and other countries.  This averages out to more than four per month, with a typical speaking fee falling in the $300,000 range.

Some of these speeches were delivered in global hotspots where Secretary of State Clinton was actively working. And many were paid for by entities that stood to benefit by currying favor from the Obama administration.  Interestingly, the Clinton-Obama State Department permitted a consultancy with a mover and shaker in the Arab world, but objected to his doing something similar with an Israeli-American.


State Department approved 215 Bill Clinton speeches, controversial consulting deal, worth $48m; Hillary Clinton’s COS copied on all decisions By Luke Rosiak and Micah Morrison – July 30, 2014

Clintons face new scandal

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Lerner forgot to delete some of her email …

… and it wasn’t pretty. In them, she expressed a deep and personal loathing for the same right-wingers her IRS division targeted for harassment, calling them a**holes and terrorists who would bring the country down.

IRS heck yes

In the video below, Rep. Gowdy referenced these email during his questioning of a law professor about the need for a Special Counsel to investigate the IRS. This particular professor has previously called the House Majority Leader, Republican John Boehner, an “embarrassing loser.”


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Innovative way to save babies

Church of the Resurrection

The Roman Catholic Church of the Resurrection in Lansing, Michigan, leased the building housing Womancare abortion clinic … and handed the abortionist an eviction notice.  The church plans to use part of the building for parish office space; a pro-life group will use the rest.


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This is how the Left rolls

I used to believe in things like “moderates” and “bipartisanship.”

Then I began to watch how today’s Democrats actually operate and got over it.

2014_07 Kerry negotiating for Hamas

2014_08 01 House passes border bill Reid says its DOA

The following is presented in its entirety because you MUST READ IT ALL to believe it!

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee’s Staff Threatens Taxpayer For Asking About Her Impeachment Claims

Congressional approval ratings are at a historic low, and after what has happened over the course of the last twenty four hours – I can see why. On the House floor Wednesday, longtime Democrat Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee made the startling claim that “We did not seek an impeachment of President Bush, because as an executive, he had the authority.”

These are the moments when you say “Really?”

The problem here is that Rep. Lee lied to the American People inside the People’s House. Good thing for her that when you make speeches on the floor of the House of Representatives you are not under oath or under the threat of perjury. Perhaps that should change, but that’s another debate for another day.

Lied? Well back in 2008, Rep. Lee co-sponsored House Resolution 1258 entitled “Impeaching George W. Bush, President of the United States, of high crimes and misdemeanors. “

Today I called her Washington office to see if perhaps I was confused, and the representative from Houston was telling the truth. When reaching her D.C. congressional office, I asked the nice lady who answered the phone if she knew of the contradiction and could help my confusion. After clearly saying she was not speaking for the congresswoman, when asked about the fact there was a contradiction, she said “We are aware that the congresswoman has made contradicting statements in her remarks on the floor.”

When I pressed, and asked “Not as a representative but just as someone I am talking to, isn’t the fact that she said one thing in 2008 that is totally opposite of what she said yesterday – isn’t that really a lie?” The answer, honest but shocking, was “Yes I think that is a lie.” (Note the quotes are from memory, I didn’t anticipate that I would need to get them on record but I sure wish I had.)

That was startling. I asked to speak to someone in the office to register my thoughts on a congresswoman lying on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives. From there, it got crazy but not as crazy, and then a little crazier.

I was transferred to a gentleman on Lee’s staff. When I again asked him about the contradiction and stated that perhaps I was confused, the man said “Oh look it here, we have one of those right wing, tea-bagger nut jobs on the phone taking his cues from FOX News.”

He then accused me of being un-American, raising his voice at me while asking me to calm down, and telling me that I am just on some mission to destroy our country. When I calmly asked for his name, he said “I don’t have to give it to you because I don’t want to show up on some right wing blog and be on your Twitter account.” Keep in mind, I never said who I was – he just made assumptions and attacked me. When I reminded him that he gets paid by our tax dollars, he said “I doubt you even pay taxes and the IRS will find you soon enough,” and hung up on me.


H/t GP, Mindful Webworker

Obstructionists: Republicans Pass Border Bill, Democrats Declare it ‘Dead on Arrival’ in Senate by Greg Campbell – August 1, 2014

Jackson Lee’s Staff Threatens Taxpayer For Asking By Dwayne Horner – July 31, 2014

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