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How DUMB do you think I am?!

July 30, 2014: Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee announced on the House floor today, “We did not seek an impeachment of President Bush.”

Yeah, well, except for that time when you totally did.  On June 10, 2008, the House of Representatives voted 251 to 166 to refer “H.Res. 1258: Impeaching George W. Bush, President of the United States, of high crimes and misdemeanors”  to the Judiciary Committee. It contained 35 separate articles of impeachment. It was sponsored by Democrat Rep. Dennis Kucinich and co-sponsored by 11 Democrats, one of whom was Sheila Jackson-Lee.

2008_06 House resolution to impeach Dubya

The Left-Stream Media is saying Jackson-Lee simply “mis-spoke.”

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight. She and whoever else helped her compose her formal PREPARED remarks before Congress … which are now part of the permanent Congressional record … just what … forgot? … that time when Democrats … you know … sought to impeach President Bush?

BABY  How dumb do you think I am



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Happy is the nation that loves the Lord

I will sing of Your power; yes, I will sing aloud of Your mercy in the morning;
for You have been my defense and refuge in the day of my trouble.

—Psalm 59:16 (verse 17 in Catholic translation)

Hamas Humiliate and degrade

I got news for you, bub.

Never. Going. To. Happen.

I got this in email:

An Israeli soldier on the border writes:

What’s happening here in the staging area [area where soldiers prepare to enter Gaza] is beyond comprehension, not rationally, not emotionally and beggars the imagination.

Almost every hour a car shows up overflowing with food, snacks, cold drinks, socks, underwear, undershirts, hygiene supplies, wipes, cigarettes, backgammon and more. They’re coming from the North and the Center, from manufacturers, from companies and private businesses, from prisons, Chareidim and Settlers, from Tel Aviv and even Saviyon.

Every intersection on they way down here we get stopped, not by the police, but be residents giving out food. What is amazing is that the entire situation wasn’t organized and everyone is coming on their own without coordination between the folks coming.

They’re writing letters and blessings, how they’re thinking of us all the time. There are those who spent hours making sandwiches, so they’re as perfect and comforting as possible.

Of course representatives of Chabad are here to help soldiers put on Tefillin and distributing Cha’Ta’Ts (Chumash, Tehillim, Tanya) for every troop transport and Breslov are showing up to the border and dancing with the soldiers with great joy.

The Chareidim are coming from their yeshivot to ask the names of the soldiers with their mothers’ names so that the whole yeshiva can pray for them. It should be mentioned that all of this is done under the threat of the terrorist tunnels and rockets in the area.
Soroka Hospital (in Be’er Sheva) today looks like a 5 star hotel. A wounded friend who was recently discharged told us how the MasterChef truck is parked outside and is preparing food for the wounded.

It goes without saying the amount of prayer services that are going on. On the religious front as well, there are lectures and Torah classes, all the food is obviously Kosher. Shachrit, Mincha, and Maariv with Sifrei Torah. They’re giving out tzitzit and Tehilim by the hundreds. It’s become the new fashion! The Rabbi of Maglan [Special Forces unit] told me that almost the entire unit has started wearing them, because the Army Rabbinate has been giving out tzitzit that wick away sweat. They’re gaining both a Mitzva and a high quality undershirt. We’ve started calling them “Shachpatzitzti” (a portmanteau of the Hebrew term for body armor and tzitzit). We’re having deep conversations late into the night without arguments, without fights and we find ourselves agreeing on most stuff.

We’re making lots of jokes at Hamas’s expensive and without politics. There’s lots more to add but my battery is running low and the staff has been requesting someone give a class on Likutei MoharaN (Breslov).

How happy is the nation that is like this.

H/t Jim

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Selective Outrage

The world does not seem to care when Muslims kill Muslims or Christians. But when Jews try to defend themselves, there is outrage.

MEDIA Gaza vs Syria

There’s a similar dynamic with racial violence in the U.S.  Black on black or black on white … crickets.  White on black crime?  Red-faced, spittle-spewing outrage.

H/t GP

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