More on Impeachment Frenzy

2014 MSNBC The place to bring up impeachment

Although the headline of this blog — “Frustrated by GOP’s Unwillingness to Take the Bait, Obama Signs First-Ever Self-Impeachment Order” — is facetious, the two dozen articles that Pundit From Another Planet has linked below the photo seem to be a very good compilation of reports on the subject

[The graph is from, a site that specializes in data analysis.]



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2 responses to “More on Impeachment Frenzy

  1. Ting

    I know the conventional wisdom is that Democrats are dying for Republicans to impeach, and fund-raising to beat the band over it. The Republicans would have us believe that they will be the losers if they begin impeachment proceedings.

    Maybe if the Republican leadership had not consistently stabbed conservatives in the back, they could be fund-raising and motivating their base by talking about impeachment, too. If they had any talent at all for educating the voters, and the trust from their base, they could pull it off.

    And I do think it needs to be done. Maybe not before November, unless Obama really does issue some insane amnesty order next month. But really – can we as a country continue to tolerate this? I really do think they need to start educating, bit by bit, drip by drip. Where is that worthless Frank Luntz with his “Words that Matter?” Come up with the words to show why it must be done. One sound bite of an accusation, repeated over and over for a few weeks, let it sink in so that it is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Then on to the next indictment, and the next. I really think it is winnable. There is no way that the MSM would not cover that kind of ratings gold.


  2. chrissythehyphenated

    Got this in Fox News Update email:

    Judge Andrew Napolitano offers a painful choice for liberty-loving Americans: “The choice is between two more years of government by decree or two years of prosecution. It is a choice the president has imposed upon us all.”