Not a Hard Choice at all

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Amazon readers also chimed in with their 947 one star reviews. Samples from the first 6 (of 95) pages:

  • I wish I could give this book negative stars.
  • It’s all I ME MYSELF!!!
  • “Cheesy, trite, and meaningless” from “a strong liberal who really wanted to like this book.”
  • As SecState, she floated around the world for four years at taxpayer expense and failed to do a single thing.
  • This was clearly a fundraising book for her campaign. She just lost one vote.
  • Positively the worst book that has ever been written. Lie after lie after lie.
  • This was an excruciatingly tortured read.
  • It read like an early high school, “What did you do on your summer vacation with machine guns tied to the car, Johnny?”
  • I’d rather get a root canal than read this hideous and boring book again.
  • This is the first time I’ve seen a book with five times as many one star as five star reviews.
  • One star is five too many for this book.
  • The dictionary is a better read.
  • Immature writing that would have been panned in 11th grade English.
  • I feel bad for the trees that were wasted.
  • I was expecting an insightful look at the ins and outs of the White House and State Department. I should have spent my $30 on dinner.
  • If this lazy, arrogant, dishonest coward becomes our next President, after 8 years of Obama, we will be completely done in.
  • The hardest choice Hillary ever had to face was what flavor of cake to eat.
  • I used to admire her for standing by her man; turns out, she was more gold digger than heroine.
  • A litany of self-serving, self-aggrandizing tripe.
  • Wait for the movie, then don’t watch it.
  • Once I was done reading the book, I needed to take a shower to wash away the nonsensical hogwash that I was force-fed.
  • Reading this made me want to stick a fork in my eye.
  • I would rather have my scrotum sewn to the carpet than read another page.

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