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Charles Cooke for the WIN!

2014_07 28 Charles Cooke edits hate mail

Best from Twitchy:

  • Charles Cooke, you magnificent bastard.
  • This may be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.
  • That should make Captain Rage even more ragey.
  • “F’n m’fer, gay slur, minority race slur, fn, gay slur, fn mfer.” Eloquent.
  • I really like the part where Charles tells him: “Watch spelling here. It’s always embarrassing to make basic errors when you’re calling someone ‘intellectually deficient’.”
  • I love being called ‘stuped.’


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The Wire (formerly The Atlantic Wire) is billed as “a socially powered news source” whose motto is “What Matters Now.”  IOW, it is not a satire site and the screenshot below is not a photoshop.  I checked The Wire myself. Twelve hours after the flesh-eating bacteria story was uploaded, the Obama photo was still illustrating it.

2014_07 28 Wire Obama Flesh-eating bacteria

I’m really curious what motivated this choice.  Somebody get his health insurance cancelled maybe?


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2d Amendment Win!

July 27, 2014: The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit in Atlanta upheld a Florida law forbidding health professionals from asking patients questions about firearms that are not directly relevant to medical care or safety.  The judgment says, “We find that the Act is a valid regulation of professional conduct that has only incidental effect on physicians’ speech.”

The Florida law was passed following a series of complaints from patients that medical personnel were asking unwelcome questions on firearms ownership during interviews.

  • In one case, a health care provider falsely told a patient that disclosing firearm ownership was a Medicaid requirement.
  • In another, a mother was separated from her children while medical staff asked the children whether the mother owned firearms.

Just four days after Governor Scott signed the 2011 Firearm Owners’ Privacy Act into law, a group of physicians filed suit, arguing it violated their First and Fourteenth Amendment rights.  Gun rights advocates say this week’s federal court ruling this week confirms the correctness of the intent of the legislation – i.e., to protect the privacy of firearms owners and to stop the political interrogation of gun owners and the children of gun owners when they seek medical care.

SECOND AMENDMENT Famous people on each side


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Going the extra miles

2014_07 27 Flag found and delivered

H/t GP

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Killing and dying as a form of worship

Son of Hamas

July 24, 2014: CNN interview with the son of the founder of Hamas

“Hamas is not seeking coexistence and compromise. Hamas is seeking conquest.”

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