Question for Mindful Webworker

… or anyone else with the expertise to answer honestly.  I just saw this video at Facebook and am wondering if there are any signs of photoshopping.  It would be really neat if it’s legit, but I don’t know enough (read: anything) about video photoshopping to assess that possibility.  Thanks.


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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Well that’s interesting! I did not know Facebook videos would embed here! I see some very fun stuff on Facebook and have often thought it was a shame I couldn’t share here. Turns out, I can. Live and learn!


  2. First: Wow! My moniker in a PoliNation headline. Now I can die happy. Better than a star on Hollywood Boulevard.

    Second, sorry, but I’ll have to wait ’til I get to where the Big Computer is to watch the video. Sometimes out in the sticks my cell just won’t permit them. Oops, also, it looks like it’s behind Facebook’s sign-in, and while I can get into a Facebook account, again, at the desktop in town not from the cell here at home.

    Meanwhile, short answer, can it be faked? Whatever it is, yes, it can. Now more than ever. Have you seen Yankovic’s “Foil” video? There’s a bit of special effect at the end at which I was amazed – not that Yankovic doesn’t have the wherewithall, but just that such slick high-tech special effects are so cleanly and easily done nowadays.

    Better answer maybe when I can look at the video,

    One more hot hot day to get through, then we get a cool spell, they’re saying. Relatively cool, anyway, for July in Oklahoma. We’ve had worse, but it’s been pretty miserable.


  3. Ah, somehow I missed your 2am comment until just now.

    FTR, nothing shows up on my screen where the video ought to be, presumably because on the cell I have no Facebook cookie, or something. Or, could just be my cell & connection messing with me on videos again, but usually I at least get a big black block on a failed embed, and here I get nothing but blank space.


  4. Well, I can see the video fine on the desktop, FTR.

    Annnd… y’know, that’s beautiful.

    I doubt any kind of photoshoppery would really need to be involved in this, it’s just a “natural coincidence” of clouds and light. That kind of bright light hitting a particular spot can happen when a setting sun is lensed through some gap in the horizon, IIRC. You might therefore see similar impressive lighting at other times. Likewise, that crossed cloud formation is not that unusual, really; I won’t bother with the various atmospheric explanations that come to mind, but as an Oklahoma skywatcher, I’ve seen mos’ jus’ ’bout ever’thing. And of course, there’s the wonderful ubiquity of the camera now, so events like this can be captured, so it’s different from if somebody said, “ooh, I saw Jesus on the cross in the clouds today,” and his friend says, “Yeah? I saw a duck pulling a wagon!”

    Nothing more than Jesus’ face in a screen door or Mary in burnt toast — as Boffolo Springsteen sang, “pareidolia strikes deep.”

    Yep, nothing but a nice sunlit cloud formation, yup. Fortuitous juxtaposition of natural phenomena. Yup yup.

    Y’know what strikes me, though?

    People anticipate Signs, and lo! what a surprise! they see signs! Or not. But when we do, what we see is often just what we wanted to see, not what is real.

    Yet people who don’t look for signs can see that before the Beginning of Time, in the Absolute Understanding of the Eternal Almighty Creators, the Father foreknew that a particular cloud formation would juxtapose with that particular trick of the light so that person with the camera would think, “Hey! You know what that looks like?” and get the video for you to post for all of us to enjoy. So, is it “real” or is it just “natural”? 😀


    • chrissythehyphenated

      I don’t make a distinction between real and natural, since God made all things! 🙂 But real and photoshopped, heck yes.

      This reminds me of a story I read, probably in Guideposts, about a woman awaiting a morning surgery she was terrified was going to kill her. She prayed and prayed, then lo, she saw a cross shining on the wall of her hospital room! She immediately felt peaceful, went to sleep and the surgery went fine.

      Later, she learned the night nurse had forgotten her flashlight in her room, left it on and laying on the bed, facing the wall. She’d cracked the glass and put a cross of tape on to hold the glass together.

      So supernatural, no. An answer to prayer, yes. It makes me think all these Jesus in the clouds may be something similar.

      Women tell Crisis Pregnancy Centers that the mere presence of a sidewalk counselor or protester or pray-er was enough to make them just keep on driving. And former clinic workers who switch sides have told them the reason the clinics hate the sidewalk presence so vehemently is that there are so many no-shows on the days they are out there!

      Someone standing on a sidewalk isn’t supernatural; but it obviously is often a real and present answer to a desperate prayer. How much more a cloud like the one in the video?! It makes me feel all bubbly inside to think some person saw this and knew, maybe for the first time ever, that God is real and LOVES him/her so passionately and personally that He arranged for the very sky to declare it!


  5. Heh- since I can’t download a Facebook video, I looked for it on YouTube. Do you have any idea how many hits you get with “Jesus in the clouds?” Eleventy thousand. He’s a busy fellow.