Singing la la la

2014_07 Obama did nothing for Meriam Ibrahim

The whole ordeal allegedly began when Meriam Ibrahim’s half brother and half sister cooked up the idea that, if they turned her in to the Sudanese Muslim court, they could take possession of her assets.

Although Meriam was raised in her mother’s Ethiopian Orthodox faith and is married to her American Christian husband, the barbaric Sudanese court found her guilty of apostasy and adultery. She was sentenced to 100 lashes to be followed by hanging.

While awaiting the birth of her second child, Meriam and her toddler son were locked up in the the filthy women’s prison at Omdurman where Meriam was forced to give birth with her legs shackled to the floor.

Meriam is Sudanese; her husband and children are AMERICAN CITIZENS.

  • The British Embassy coordinated meetings between Meriam and her lawyers.
  • The Canadian Embassy donated an air-conditioning unit and other items to assist during and after the difficult birth.
  • When international pressure finally forced the Sudanese government to release Meriam and the children, the Italian government sent a plane and a government official to fly the family to Rome, where Pope Francis met with them privately.

Throughout this entire ordeal, Barack Obama said and did exactly NOTHING.

  • If you’re gay, he will declare on your special day that you should never have to face violence or discrimination.
  • If you’re crossing the Rio Grande illegally, INS will ignore the fact that you’re a felon who has been thrown out of the country repeatedly.

But if you’re the Christian wife of an American who has been shackled in a prison by a barbaric Muslim government with your tiny American son and daughter, the Obama administration will put their collective fingers in their ears and sing la la la.



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2 responses to “Singing la la la

  1. The United States gives hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign aid to Sudan every year. Barack Obama could have put an end to Meriam’s ordeal with one phone call, which he could have made from his golf cart in between holes, so that it wouldn’t even have interrupted his game. The fact that he did nothing is just further proof that he is a sociopath without a shred of conscience.

    It’s just a very fortunate thing that Meriam happened to be pregnant at the time she was arrested. If she hadn’t been, she probably would have been executed very soon after her sentencing.


  2. There’s a video on Moonbattery which I thought y’all might appreciate, of 26-year Border Patrol veteran Zack Taylor — might even want to repost here, unpleasant truths about the real threat now.

    It’s a typical hot July day in Oklahoma. Best thing to do is be wet, in front of a fan, or preferably both. What a wonderful world Heaven has given us.