If you’re retired,it’s just another day.



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  1. Pistol Pete

    Obama Jokes About How He Helps Suffering Children Around the World: ‘I Just Don’t Watch TV’

    Monday at a “My Brother’s Keeper Initiative” event when President Barack Obama took questions from the group of DC-area youth at the Walker Jones Education Center in Washington, D.C., he joked the way he often deals with his responsibility of helping suffering children around the world is by simply not watching TV.

    Seems like everything is a big joke to this assclown.
    Its easy to do when you’re basically above the law.


  2. Pistol Pete

    Police: Heights serial pooper could be back
    Harris County constables have confirmed they have received reports that a serial pooper, who was caught defecating in people’s back yards, is up to his old tricks again.

    Constables at Precinct 1 say they received a call from someone earlier today saying they have a photo of the man and that they saw him walking around with toilet paper.


  3. Pistol Pete

    Obama To Go Big on Unilateral Amnesty
    Obama told the groups what they had been dying to hear—that he was going to condemn House Republicans for inaction and set the most expansive legal course permissible to beef up border security, slow deportations of noncriminal aliens, and provide legal status to millions of undocumented workers—all by himself.


  4. Pistol Pete

    Isis Militants Blow up Jonah’s Tomb
    This is beyond sad.


  5. BTW, I did figure out how to get feeds from PoliNation. Yay!

    Instead of the “receive updates via e-mail sign me up!” buttons, I finally noticed the little radiating-icon or quarter-target, whatever it is, RSS symbol inside the address bar; at least that’s where it is on my browser. Clicking on that gave me 3 feed choices, for all posts [x], for all comments[x], or just for the current post’s comments.

    So, at long last, I’m a [x]PoliNation subscriber!

    Annnd, since I’m taking up a message slot, here’s a video of less than two minutes’ length, fresh-baked this morning:

    Bill vs. Barry
    Two Slimeball Presidents Compared, Points for Style
    (Morality, ethics, and character utterly aside.)

    There is a feed for radically-inclined webworks, too — more hidden than PoliNation’s.


  6. Pistol Pete

    ObamaCare architect explained in 2012 video why only state exchanges pay subsidies

    This week, Jonathan Gruber appeared on MSNBC to assert that the DC Circuit appellate court got the ObamaCare statute all wrong in its Halbig decision. Gruber, one of the key architects of the ACA and of the Massachusetts “RomneyCare” law that preceded it, insisted that the state exchange requirement for subsidy payment was purely accidental. “It is unambiguous this is a typo,” Gruber told Chris Matthews. “Literally every single person involved in the crafting of this law has said that it`s a typo, that they had no intention of excluding the federal states.”

    Thats not the song he was singing in January of 2012


  7. Pistol Pete

    The world is aflame and our leader is on the 14th green. The arc of history may indeed bend toward justice, Mr. President. But, as you say, the arc is long. The job of a leader is to shorten it, to intervene on behalf of “the fierce urgency of now.” Otherwise, why do we need a president? And why did you seek to become ours?


  8. chrissythehyphenated

    Friday cat and Popeye cat ROFLLLL!!!!