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For the first time in the history of Iraq, Mosul is empty of Christians.

2014_07 18 Mosul Christians flee ISIS

Extremist Muslims hang homosexuals, oppose abortion, and oppress, maim and even murder their own women. Yet the Left supports them.  Why?  Because they HATE and MURDER both Christians and Jews.  Is there any clearer sign who the Left is really serving?  If you still aren’t sure, check the dedication page of their favorite handbook, Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.

Alinsky dedicated Rules to Lucifer


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Hamas decides to shoot at civilian airliners

2014_07 22 Hamas shooting at civilian airliners

In other news, Obama’s SecState, John Kerry, was pointedly NOT invited to Israel-Hamas peace talks! The doofus decided to just go anyway. I cannot imagine any U.S. Secretary of State has ever been simply IGNORED where Israel’s safety was concerned. If anything is a sign of the success of Barack Obama’s campaign to degrade the United States from the number one moral leader and military power in the world to “just another nation”, this has to be it.


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STUDY: Forced Union Membership Harms Economy

2014_07 Right to Work States have more and better jobs

We must remember some things here about the big unions that have the big money and big political clout:

  • Big unions are NOT run by or staffed by workers. Small, in-house unions may be made up entirely of workers who work side-by-side with the people they represent, but the big unions are independent businesses whose cash flows are dependent on skimming dues money off the wages of workers.
    • Big union employees, particularly union bosses, typically earn a great deal more than the workers in the industries they claim to represent, but who they actually steal from to further their own agendas.
  • Big unions oppose Right to Work laws, not because these laws harm workers, but because they allow workers the right to stop paying dues to unions that do not represent them.
    • Big unions donate enormous amounts of money to the Democratic Party and to Democrat politicians; in return, they expect these legislators to promote laws that benefit union agendas. Among these are Right to Work laws, which they vehemently oppose.
  • Big unions are primarily concerned with lining their own pockets with union dues. They do not care if their negotiations or the laws they push for cause the loss of jobs overall.
    • In my own community, teachers begged their union to drop its demand for a pay increase that was going to force the strapped district to lay off non-unionized classroom assistants. The union refused. The teachers got their raises and the union got more dues money, but non-unionized workers lost their jobs completely and the kids they had served lost the help those assistants could have provided.


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I want to personally thank all of you for remembering our family in your prayers. Through the tears we remained strong through our love of God and family. We chose to celebrate rather than mourn what cannot be changed. I met one of my cousins and his new wife….they’ve been married 29 years. He has 5 sons,1 daughter and more grandchildren than I do. I have a lot of catching up to do.





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