Baby Birds at Casa Buzz

[Texts that Mama Buzz sent with the photos.]

2014_06 14 and 22 Nest in pot

July 4, 2014: I managed to slowly water this pot around the edges so I can get the plants but leave the nest dry. The parents seem to know I am not a predator!

2014_07 04 Dark eyed junco nesting

July 4, 2014: I noticed the lighter belly on the male while he was in the tree today, which allowed me to finally identify them.

2014_07 07 Hatching

July 7, 2014: LOOK!!! I got pics while the parents were out getting food. They came back and I got chirped at, so I said my congrats and came inside ;).

2014_07 18 Flying lesson

July 18, 2014: The parents are super protective these days, flying around and chirping at me. I am nervous to back out of the driveway. I saw a squished bird in the road :(. I hope it’s not one of ours!


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6 responses to “Baby Birds at Casa Buzz

  1. What A Hoot

    Hey, Chrissy, as this and thought of you. The clothes could be made out of any material scaps. If use selvages make fabric first before cutting by ironing to fusible cotton interfacing. I would like to do this with actual pic of granddaughter Maybe even whole family.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      That’s a really cute idea! Esp with pics of real people. I have made a couple quilts incorporating family photos printed on to photo fabric. It’s not hard to work with, though it is worth buying a good brand and following the directions precisely. 🙂

      Also, good to know I’m not the only whackadoodle quilter who keeps selvage edges! LOL Mine are sewn into a ball that I just keep making bigger and bigger. It’s got no purpose. I just think it’s funny.


      • What A Hoot

        I have made a couple of quilts from selvages. So cool. Some good threads with pics over at quilting board.

        I remembered you sharing a photo quilt and when I saw this doll I immediately thought of you. I would put a pocket on it for all the clothes.


  2. It’s so nice that the nest was where she could take pictures! A pair of robins have a nest on top of a rafter on the deck of our house, and they are raising their third batch of babies in it, but it’s in a spot that’s impossible to get at with a camera. After each bunch of babies hatches, I can see their little heads peeking up from the nest, but can’t get a good picture of them. I have lots of flowers growing in containers on the deck (it’s on the south side of the house and gets lots of sunshine), so I go out there a lot, and every time I do I get scolded by Mom and Pop Robin. They’re not smart enough to be able to tell predators from allies, I guess.

    Many years ago some chipping sparrows built a nest in a spirea bush in our front yard, where it was much easier to watch them. Here’s a picture my husband took of Mama Sparrow sitting on her eggs.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Beautiful pic, Bob’s Hubby! It’s not easy to take a shadowed subject with sunlight splashing around. 🙂


  3. That was really amazing. Smile-inducing, too. Thanks.