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Border crisis: Leaked report reveals true motivation

2014_07 14 Border crisis report leaked


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What Pope Francis actually said

I’ve been seeing Left-leaning politicized headlines about a recent statement by Pope Francis suggesting that he agrees with the Obamacrats about the border crisis. Uhhhhhh … no. His words are being taken out of context in two ways.

  1. The Bishop of Rome is not a political position, but a spiritual one. Pope Francis is to be taken very seriously when he teaches or preaches on issues of faith and morals. This speech he gave is a pastoral message; interpreting it as a political manifesto is inappropriate.
  2. His statement is much more generalized and non-political than leftist sources are suggesting. The words and phrases they’re quoting to suggest he supports amnesty and open borders are taken out of context. His complete statement @ https://www.ewtn.com/vnews/getstory.asp?number=130964.

2014_01 Pope's Home Alone face

I hope you’ll note that he’s speaking to a Mexican audience. His command that “these children be welcomed and protected” should perhaps be directed first and foremost at the Mexican government that is enabling the wholesale transfer of unaccompanied minors from Central America ACROSS their own territory and into the United States.

I hope you’ll also note that he specifically mentions finding LEGAL remedies to the problems of immigration and that he speaks globally, to all nations and peoples. Obamacrats want to use his words to condemn Americans who believe the most compassionate thing we can do is to enforce our laws and return the children to their parents. I think his actual words could more truthfully be used to condemn the way the kids are actually being treated by the Obama administration, with its closed facilities and refusal to allow compassionate citizens to provide aid or comfort in any way.


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