The Leftist Sacrament

Abortion - Satan's blasphemy of Eucharist

From National Review:

“Democrats hold one thing — and one thing only — sacred, and that is abortion. Our diplomats may be murdered abroad, the rule of law may be grossly violated at home, the First Amendment may be written off as just another roadblock on the freeway to utopia, but abortion will always have for them a uniquely holy status. …

“By their fruits you shall know them: Senate Democrats have just recently blocked efforts to get to the bottom of the IRS political-persecution scandal and to hold VA officials accountable for the horrific treatment of American veterans — ho-hum issues for Senator Blumenthal and his colleagues. But if Texas decides that abortions performed within its borders must be carried out by a licensed physician in a proper surgical facility, then Democrats are on the march. Abortion is, to say the least, ugly. Democrats’ ghoulish enthusiasm for it is almost as ugly.”

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2 responses to “The Leftist Sacrament

  1. Good one, Chrissy! Did you see the Gateway Pundit listing of all 56 Democrats (100% of those voting) who voted to strip all protections from late-term unborns through 9 months?? We’re living in demonic times.


  2. “Perhaps we should think of babies as ‘birth immigrants’ and then they’d be protected from murder with the same fervor that we protect born children from being put on a bus and taken back to their families in their home countries.” –Matt Walsh