Painfully stupid analysis “proves” FOX lies “like all the time”

PunditFact (a division of PolitiFact) is a left-wing “fact-checking” site that very selectively chooses and evaluates statements based on a Leftist agenda.  So what a TOTAL SHOCK (read: completely expected) that the majority of said statements that had been heard on FOX turned out to be like totally false!

I mean like oh em gee … Fox lies like all the time!

All you really have here is a politically-driven “conclusion” to a “study” that was based on kindergarten methodology in order to give Leftie talking heads and tweeters something they can repeat to discourage their mindless followers from tuning in to FOX News.

Media Narratives for Dummies

Kevin D. Williamson writes,

The deeper problem with PunditFact is the bias in how it evaluates statements. Consider two structurally identical questions: In the first, it considered Chris Wallace’s claim that Hillary Clinton had “defended Syria’s President Assad as a possible reformer at the start of that country’s civil war.” That statement, the editors decided, was only half-true, because that was “not expressly her opinion.” Rather, she had said that members of Congress of both parties who had visited Syria had suggested that Assad was a possible reformer. (Never mind that Mrs. Clinton’s claim is itself untrue, a three-Pinocchio offender in the Washington Post’s judgment.)

In the second instance, PunditFact considered a claim from Bill O’Reilly, made during an interview with President Barack Obama, that he had not accused the administration of obscuring the motive behind the Benghazi attack for political reasons. O’Reilly had in fact interviewed people who said that, but he himself had not made that claim. PunditFact nonetheless rates it “mostly false,” because O’Reilly had, in its view, “nurtured suspicion.” Mr. O’Reilly and Mrs. Clinton were engaged in precisely the same rhetorical strategy: the time-honored Washington dodge of using others to suggest indirectly what you think or suspect yourself, e.g. “it’s a serious charge,” “some have said,” “it has been suggested that,” etc. In both cases, the statement was made on Fox News, but Mrs. Clinton gets a pass (“not expressly her opinion”) while Mr. O’Reilly gets labeled a liar — for precisely the same thing. This is what simple bias looks like.



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  1. The article by Kevin Williamson is very good — definitely worth reading in its entirety.


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