His Great Folly

The ways of each person are plain to the LORD’s sight;

all their paths he surveys;

By their own iniquities the wicked will be caught,

in the meshes of their own sin they will be held fast;

They will die from lack of discipline,

lost because of their great folly.

~Proverbs 5:21-23

For Barack Obama, everything is about Barack Obama. In a 40-minute speech given in Austin, Texas, he referred to himself (I, me, my) 199 times. That’s once every 12 seconds. Despite his constant self-references, the speech itself was mostly a laundry list of complaints about Republicans who waaaahhh won’t let him make over the country in his own image.

He apparently feels justified in his frequent attempts to bypass Congress, because he mistakenly thinks his ideas are mainstream and the Republicans blocking him are extremists who do not represent the majority of Americans. (Polls show the opposite.)

2014_07 15 Obama says he's mainstream by Terrell

I think the reason he believes he’s mainstream is that since he was a young man, he has made a point of ignoring and ridiculing any person or thought that does not support the radical views his mother, grandfather and mentor (Frank Davis) instilled in him.

In the White House, he surrounds himself with sycophants and sics his federal dogs on anyone who dares make him uncomfortable in any way.

Those who have tried to discuss their differing points of view report that he spends the meetings talking about himself and ignoring and/or ridiculing them. If they press, he jumps up angrily and leaves the room, ranting about how he’ll return only when they have promised to be “reasonable.”



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2 responses to “His Great Folly

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Last month, polls showed a majority of Americans thought Obama lacked the necessary leadership for his job.

    Obama’s explanation for his sinking numbers? Republicans are big meanies.

    Well, boo hoo. Most of us can still recall that Bush’s critics — including then-Senator Obama — routinely derided him as an incompetent liar. But that didn’t stop Bush from working with a Democratic-controlled Congress to pass a budget, deal with a war, and revamp the military-commissions system for detainees at Guantanamo Bay.

    Note to Barack: Pissing and moaning is not leadership.

    Note to disappointed Obama voters: He was like this in the Illinois Senate and the U.S. Senate. We tried to tell you this in 2008, but you refused to listen.