Border Crisis: Harry Reid’s latest delusional statement

2014_07 15 Reid's delusional statement about border



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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Illegal ADULTS in North Carolina being transported to Wal-Mart and shopping with EBT cards.


    • Can’t bring myself to watch this one; I’m already so ticked off at government today. Actually, I’m ticked off at government every day, but today more so than usual. Last night we and our neighbors who suffered major property damage three months ago when the sewers backed up — a disaster that was due entirely to city negligence, in their failure to maintain the sewer system adequately — met with a lawyer to discuss the situation, since the city has been stonewalling all this time and denying any responsibility for the incident and the nearly half a million dollars in property damage that resulted (16 homes were involved).

      To no one’s surprise, the lawyer warned us against trying to sue the city, since we would almost certainly lose — despite the fact that we have incontrovertible evidence that the city was at fault. The law is rigged in favor of the government and against the individual citizen who is harmed by government malfeasance. There are so many loopholes built into the law that protect the city government that it would be costly mistake to sue. Politicians get elected to office by persuading the voters that they are on our side, but once they get into positions of power, they forget all that stuff and just rig the law so it benefits the members of the ruling class, and all the rest of us end up screwed.

      I’m really, really upset about this, and not just because my husband and I are out a rather large amount of money. We are actually in better shape than many of our neighbors, because our house is paid for, and my husband has a job that pays well enough that we can afford to repair the damage (even though it’s taking an awfully long time), and we get a Social Security check every month. Many of our neighbors are not so lucky, and some are having trouble paying the bills. My anger is over the gross injustice of the situation, and the fact that because the city is (probably) not legally obligated to compensate us for the damage, they will continue to refuse to do so. This is obscene. Just because they have no legal obligation doesn’t mean that they have no moral obligation. If I were to accidentally damage someone’s property, and no one saw it happen, I could get away without paying for the damage, but there is no way in hell that I would do that. I would go to the person, confess what I had done, and do whatever it took to compensate him/her for the damage. My conscience would never let me weasel out of it just because no one could prove that I had a legal obligation in the matter.

      We and our neighbors will be meeting with the city council next week to discuss the situation. It’s taken nearly four months for us to persuade them even to LISTEN to us. I plan to write out ahead of time what I want to say, because if I start talking off the cuff, I might start using bad language and hurting our case. 🙂 Those of you who are the praying type, please pray that we will be able to get through to these people, and they will decide to do the right thing — even though their lawyers are telling them that they don’t have to, because the law is on their side.

      And people wonder why I hate government…


      • chrissythehyphenated

        This is so awful! Be assured of my daily prayers, bob.


      • Violet

        Bob, this is awful! I’m so sorry! Has anyone tried going to the local news? Sometimes bad publicity can deliver results no court can produce. Maybe a good next step if your council meeting doesn’t pan out?

        When I have a big important meeting, and need to make a strong impression, I think about Daniel and the lions. I prepare in advance, of course, but I always pray for calm clarity, and for the right words and actions to come to me when I need them. I will pray for those things for you, too! Please keep us posted!


        • Thank you Violet!

          It’s funny that you mention going to media route, because that’s something I’ve advocated, although no one took me seriously. I said that if the city council continues to stonewall, we should resort to the nuclear option: We inform them that if they don’t reimburse us for the cost of repairing the damage that resulted from their negligence, we will declare a tax strike, and refuse to pay our property taxes until the amount of tax money we have withheld is equal to the monetary damages we suffered. My husband, who really should have been more supportive, said, “They’ll just evict us from our houses.” I said fine, let them try. There are sixteen families that they would have to evict, and we just make sure that when they show up to throw us out, we have all the local and state media here — national, too, if we can get it — with their cameras rolling. We let everyone watching know how the city failed to maintain the infrastructure, and then when their negligence resulted in our houses being destroyed, they refused to help us… and now that we can no longer afford to pay our taxes, because we have had to spend all our money on repairs, they want to throw us out of our homes. Does anyone think the city would go through with it while all those TV cameras are there to record it and let everyone see what a bunch of s.o.b.s they are?

          Well, no one liked my idea — they all just laughed at me. Sigh… it’s so hard to get people to fight back. Everyone is so used to government screwing us over that they just shrug their shoulders and accept that that’s the way things are and there’s nothing we can do about it. Government continues to screw us over because they know they’ll get away with it — no one will fight back.


      • I’m glad the legal route is progressing a little, but I’m so sorry about the rigged game and the lack of support from people. Especially about the media option! You’d think that would be a no-brainer. Will certainly pray tonight for your victory in this. If it’s any consolation, we just lost a battle with the IRS that has depleted much of our retirement savings. It hurts worse knowing that our money is simply being handed over to illegals to go shopping and jihadis to buy weapons. Our govt hates us.


        • Ugh, that’s horrible — I’m really sorry, and no, it’s no consolation at all! My money is at least going to provide employment to my son, the construction worker (who likes to work for Mom and Dad because he doesn’t have to pay income tax on the $$$ we give him), and to stimulate the local economy. Better than giving it to the criminals in Washington.


          • Oh, and we’re also having to help our daughter and son-in-law get a place to live — they’re expecting a baby in January and have to move out of their crummy little apartment and into a place that has room for three people. They are both currently trapped in low-paying jobs and can barely pay their bills now, so the prospect of losing one income is rather terrifying. However, because they have a small amount of money in savings and no debts, they don’t qualify for food stamps, WIC, Badger Care (state medical assistance program for the uninsured poor), etc. You only qualify for that stuff if you’re flat broke. (Not Hillary Clinton broke, but really broke.) I just love the way government programs are designed to reward irresponsibility and penalize frugality and thrift.


            • Sorry to hear about the struggles, but that’s great news about your daughter! You must have just found out about the baby on the way. You’re a pre-grandma, Bob!! Woo-hooooooo!!


    • Possible false-info report. FYI, I haven’t watched the video.

      I read, on Ace, from different sources, including someone who had heard from somebody who lives in the area, that this (apparently the same video they were discussing) is a busful of legal migrant workers, who can’t get driver’s licenses, and for whom their employers provide this transportation to go shopping. That’s what I read, anyway.

      (Don’t know about the EBT cards, but that migrant workers would have EBTs, illegally of course, isn’t that big a surprise. But a separate matter. They’ve probably had them for a long time. 🙄 )

      So, you might want to double-check this.

      Guess I’ll have to go watch the video now. Find out what I’m talking about.


    • Okay, I watched the video, and I’m convinced that the woman filming is about as well-informed as Crazy Sprinkler Lady. All grown men = migrant workers looks confirmed to me.