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Border Crisis: Harry Reid’s latest delusional statement

2014_07 15 Reid's delusional statement about border



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SCRABBLE Happy Dance!

2014_07 15 Triple Triple BINGO for 140 pts


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Jon Voigt speaks out

The Democrats of today are nothing like the Democrats of the Kennedy era.  NOTHING.  If you are still feeling loyalty to the Democrat brand and feel all icky and angry at the idea of anything and everything Republican, I urge you to watch and listen to this man.  He is speaking the simple truth.

July 12, 2014: Actor Jon Voight joins Mike Huckabee to weigh in with his take on Barack Obama and what’s happened to our country under his administration. [11:25]

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His Great Folly

The ways of each person are plain to the LORD’s sight;

all their paths he surveys;

By their own iniquities the wicked will be caught,

in the meshes of their own sin they will be held fast;

They will die from lack of discipline,

lost because of their great folly.

~Proverbs 5:21-23

For Barack Obama, everything is about Barack Obama. In a 40-minute speech given in Austin, Texas, he referred to himself (I, me, my) 199 times. That’s once every 12 seconds. Despite his constant self-references, the speech itself was mostly a laundry list of complaints about Republicans who waaaahhh won’t let him make over the country in his own image.

He apparently feels justified in his frequent attempts to bypass Congress, because he mistakenly thinks his ideas are mainstream and the Republicans blocking him are extremists who do not represent the majority of Americans. (Polls show the opposite.)

2014_07 15 Obama says he's mainstream by Terrell

I think the reason he believes he’s mainstream is that since he was a young man, he has made a point of ignoring and ridiculing any person or thought that does not support the radical views his mother, grandfather and mentor (Frank Davis) instilled in him.

In the White House, he surrounds himself with sycophants and sics his federal dogs on anyone who dares make him uncomfortable in any way.

Those who have tried to discuss their differing points of view report that he spends the meetings talking about himself and ignoring and/or ridiculing them. If they press, he jumps up angrily and leaves the room, ranting about how he’ll return only when they have promised to be “reasonable.”



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Posted by PP.

DW has been watching these things for years. There’s a local station that has them on every weekday from 6:30AM until 11:00 and another channel has two from 11:00-1:00. Since I don’t spend hours getting angry and depressed over researching links for this blog I started watching them and found they are a good character study in the theater of the absurd.
Harry ‘The Smarmy Toad’ Reid made a comment about Judge Judy Sheindlin yesterday and I took the opportunity to express a non-partisan opinion.
Aside from Judge Judy,the gold standard with a viewership of about 11 million per day most judges on TV are either black or Hispanic.of course,there’s plenty of drama. After all,it’s entertainment. The litigants in most cases are black and the stories they tell to get on these shows reads like really bad fiction. Traffic accidents,landlord/renter disputes,couples break up and gifts are suddenly ‘loans’,siblings suing each other,parents suing their kids and neighbors at loggerheads. The amounts sued for range from $100 to the maximum in small claims court,$5,000.
Why would someone sue their brother or sister for $100? Because if a show picks your case you get flown to the city where the show is taped,you get put up in a nice hotel and meals are paid for. The hook is,if someone is awarded damages it comes out of a general fund and the rest of the pot is split. So when a judge says ‘judgement for the plaintiff’ it means that amount comes out of the pot before it is split.
On all the shows,most let litigants get away with way more than they ever would in a real court. Judge Judy is the least tolerant of shenanigans and has very little tolerance for people that live off welfare. She claims she and her friend,bailiff Petri Hawkins-Byrd (Byrd for short) are paying for these leeches through their taxes. The shows producers make her put up with some backtalk from litigants,but she doesn’t take very much.
Since I’m pretty much homebound this comedic theater is more fun to watch than any news channel. You just have to keep in mind that most of these Wal-Mart freaks are low-information,committed democrat-type voters. The commercials are all either personal injury lawyers,structured settlement funding places or pawn shops. Where else would they advertise?

Reid: Judge Judy Would Toss Boehner Lawsuit in ‘Half a Second’
“Republicans have made a decision on a lawsuit against President Obama. It’s difficult to understand how desperate they have become,” Reid said. “It’s a show trial. If that’s really what Republicans want, they should go talk to Judge Judy. I think she would throw this case out in half a second.”




Lowe’s employees come to the rescue of disabled vet with broken wheelchair
By Michael Sulsona of Graniteville

In 1971, I stepped on a land mine in Vietnam and lost both legs above the knee.

For the past two years, I have been waiting to receive a new wheelchair from the Veterans Administration. In addition, I have been told that I am not entitled to a spare wheelchair.

On the evening of July 7, my wheelchair fell apart again, while shopping at Lowe’s Home Improvement Center in on Forest Avenue in Mariners Harbor.

Three employees, David, Marcus and Souleyman jumped to my assistance immediately. They placed me in another chair while they went to work.

They took the wheelchair apart and replaced the broken parts and told me, “We’re going to make this chair like new.”

I left 45 minutes after closing hours in my wheelchair that was like new.

I kept thanking them and all they could say was, “It was our honor.”

The actions of these three employees at Lowe’s showed me there are some who still believe in stepping to the plate.

They didn’t ask any questions, didn’t feel the need to fill out any forms or make phone calls. Someone needed help and they felt privileged to be given the opportunity.













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