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Barack Obama: Border Line Certifiable

OBAMA Border line certifiable

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Obama’s playfully earnest PR clowns

2014_06 Jay Carney BHO's old Press Sec

Asked whether he had ever lied to the media, Jay Carney stated, “The answer is no.” That, of course, was a lie. Here are just a few of Carney’s biggest lies:

  • In April, an email from deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes dated September 14, 2012, emerged in which Rhodes explicitly stated that then-UN ambassador Susan Rice should say the “protests are rooted in an Internet video.”  Carney said the email was not about Benghazi.
  • In mid-May 2014, the American Legion called the resignation of top VA health official Dr. Robert Petzel “a continuation of business as usual [because] Dr. Petzel was already scheduled to retire this year.”  Carney said the American Legion had praised VA for making Petzel retire.
  • As late as October of 2013, Carney stated (again), “The fact of the matter is, if you had insurance on the individual market prior to the passage of the Affordable Care Act, and you have that plan today, you can keep it, you’re grandfathered in forever. No matter how crummy the plan is.”  After Politifact named this the 2013 Lie of the Year, Carney said no one had ever seriously made that claim.

2014_06 Josh Earnest BHO's new Press Sec


7 Top Lies of Jay Carney – June 20, 2014

Obama, Translated: Whenever the president talks about himself, flip it so he’s saying the opposite.
By Jonah Goldberg – July 12, 2014

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Don'tNeedFeminism 1

Don'tNeedFeminism 2

Don'tNeedFeminism 3

Don'tNeedFeminism 4

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President Douche Nozzle and his unTransparent administration

2014_07 09 Obama Perry HomeNChange toon 2

“The president didn’t spend his entire visit to Texas whoring himself out to the wealthy and laughing uproariously about our fallen borders. He also took some time to fight negative racial stereotypes by drinking beer and playing pool.

From a serious journalistic and editorial standpoint, Hope n’ Change would really like to describe Mr. Obama’s actions as something other than “acting like a complete douche nozzle.”

But we can’t.”

2014_07 07 HHS invite to non-journalism media tour at border

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