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Two reasons to not impeach the _Resident

Number 1.
2014_07 11 James Woods NOT impeaching BHO

Number 2.


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You can’t buy publicity like this!

After Costco (co-founded by a major Democratic donor) announced it would NOT be carrying Dinesh D’Souza’s latest book, America: Imagine the World Without Her, the title soared to #1 on Amazon.com.

Book reviewers made their opinion of Costco clear on the Amazon website:

  • Costco I don’t have to shop there!!! Just saying!
  • Screw Costco … I’ll buy it here. Thanks, Amazon !!!
  • Heard about this book being banned by Costco. Ordered my America here.

Caving to consumer ire, Costco has announced that it will be restocking the book immediately.

Dontcha just love the free market. LOL

2014_07 09 D'Souza tweet


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What if your life depended on this?

ABORTION What if your life depended

The abortionist in the video below, Dennis Christensen, is 71 years old now and wants to retire. After snuffing out approximately 100,000 innocent lives, he says he is so committed to killing unborn babies that he’s set it as a condition of retirement that he find a younger doctor to take over his practice. So far, he hasn’t had any takers, because abortion is so stigmatized by other physicians that young doctors don’t want to do it.

The issue of his retirement may soon become moot anyway. Wisconsin passed a law last year requiring abortionists to have admitting privileges at local hospitals. As per SOP, Planned Parenthood sued to block the law from taking effect. But the U.S. District court is expected to rule and if the law is found constitutional, Christensen’s clinic will be out of business. No hospital will give the scumbag admitting privileges. Maybe it’s because he had his license suspended in 2007 for abusing painkillers?

WARNING: This video is extremely graphic.

Abortionist Dennis Christensen shows his work at the Madison Abortion Clinic [2:58]

I took 3 screenshots from this video that I was going to put here, but I found them so disturbing, I decided to spare you. The important point I got out of watching this is the callous attitude Christensen exhibits while he’s showing off dead baby parts.



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I can do this only because I don’t have to read or post anything about that smirking sonofabitch.Thats why I don’t post anymore.










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My Amazingly Floriferous African Violet

Isn’t “floriferous” a great word?!  :o)
2014_07 11 My Tony's Jennifer Afr Violet composite

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Bob posted a screenshot of her rack, because she’d never seen 5 of one letter at one time before.  Goofy definition is mine.



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BEST statement on the 2d Amendment EVER

Boombox Libs and gun control

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