Cow tipping … doesn’t happen

Maybe I shouldn’t tell all y’all this, but cow tipping is an urban legend. Trust me. I live in a dairy farming community. You can’t push over a cow. I’m not sure how the idea started, but I’d put money on some beered up manure kickers convincing a bunch of naive yuppies that it’s what they do for fun. You know, cuz after the yuppies go home, it’s so fun to laugh at them for believing in it. Kinda like how we laugh at them for believing cow farts are threatening the planet. ::snork::

You doubt me? Please. You can read up on the science (physical or biological) of cow tipping @ Or you can just google “cow tipping” at YouTube, cuz you know, if it was real, there’s be reams of videos and there’s not. Well, actually, there is ONE actual genuine cow tipping video on YouTube:


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6 responses to “Cow tipping … doesn’t happen

  1. Wasn’t sure whether I wanted to see the truck full of cows tump over. Then I clicked on it. Then the video said it was disabled for embeds on other sites, so I have to make the choice all over again!

    I always recommend that drunken teenagers would find it easiest to tip over that big, fat, lazy one out there with the horns.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      The cows just rolled over, then got up like it was no biggie.


      • I did go to YooToob to watch the vid. Another vid linked from there was Driver ticketed after cattle truck tips over on I-70 near Kansas City. A really great rescue effort with firetrucks and cowboys roping strays. Okay to leave embedded here, I hope:

        Compare the chuckleheaded bimbetted joking about milkshakes on the CBS clip, and the serious tone of the reporter on the KC clip. The (I presume) Urban Coastal Knuckleheads make jolly jokes. Not in KC.


  2. Pistol Pete

    I tried tipping one of our cows once.Damn thing stepped on my foot…and it hurt.


  3. Five out of the last ten comments being mine, I was going to try to shut up until I scrolled off the list, at least, but I ran into a post about cow tipping I thought you’d enjoy.

    Cow Tipping vs Smart Car Tipping: the science is now settled by Pamalinsky at The People’s Cube.