Civil Rights and Closet Doors

It isn’t enough any more to just let LGBTs feel safe about coming out of the closet. Now we have to shove anyone who doesn’t actively embrace their lifestyles into the closet.

2014_07 08 Chase Bank bullies employees
There is a link at this site that allows you to write an email to the CEO of Chase.

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  1. That is so disgusting. It’s going to get to the point where no one will hire you if you don’t sign on to the whole leftist agenda.

    A friend of mine lost her job at a retailer whose name you would all recognize because she holds to the quaint notion that marriage is between a man and a woman. Co-workers who knew she was a Christian kept badgering her with questions until they finally got her to admit that she does not favor the legal redefinition of marriage. They reported her to a superior, who decided she needed to go through sensitivity training. She was told she could keep her job only if she promised that she would never again say anything that might possibly hurt the feelings of her coworkers whose standards of sexual morality are different from hers. She couldn’t do that in good conscience, so she lost her job.