Bush vs. Obama: Humanitarian Crises

2014_07 07 Obama not planning to visit refugees

White House Press Sec. Josh Earnest bristled over the impertinence of the suggestion that Obama should take time out of his fundraising schedule to see the scale of this emerging refugee crisis for himself.

“The reason that some people are suggesting the president should go to [the] border when he’s in Texas is because they’d rather play politics than actually trying to address some of these challenges,” Earnest added.

Yup.  Fundraising.  That’ll solve everything, right?



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8 responses to “Bush vs. Obama: Humanitarian Crises

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    A Latina led the fight to kill the DREAM Act in New York.



  2. “…because they’d rather play politics than actually trying to address some of these challenges…”

    Projection again. They’re telling you loud and clear what they’re doing! It’s so painfully obvious that it would be quite hilarious, if they were characters in a half-hour situation comedy show instead of actual despots subverting the United States’ Constitution and the rule of law. Except for that.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Plus … if it was a sitcom, the actual Democrats would be played by pretend Republicans.


      • Yes, in twenty years, we’ll see a laugh-track-soaked half-hour situation comedy making lighthearted fun out of a time of horror and holocaust.

        “Cruz’s Patriots.” Fuhrer Hussein roundly mocked in every episode for his incompetence. The hilarious ensemble cast includes: Vain, perpetually-frustrated, bemonocled Kommandant Erich Holder; lovable turncoat camp guard Colonel “I zee nuthink” Boener (hat/tip to actor John Bonner); alas, the lovely secretary character wooed by Hogan in the 1960s had to be replaced by Lois Lerner.


    • Violet

      The projection drives me crazy! Having dealt with narcissists/personality-disordered people in my personal life, the red flags are so obvious! It’s beyond frustrating to watch it play out on a national stage.