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Illegals swarming across the border at Obama’s invitation.
Polls show people are getting really tired of Barry’s act….as if it makes any difference.
Media dutifully spinning Hobby Lobby decision as a company denying people their “right” to contraception in the continuing phony “war on women.” Look forward to every last democrat whining about this…it beats trying to defend Obamacare.
Medical people warned not to say anything about the contagious diseases the illegal hordes are bringing with them on pain of arrest.
People in Murrieta,Ca. learn three busloads of overflow illegals are coming from a Texas military base-cum-daycare center.
Block the buses and force them to retreat to a Border Patrol facility.
Had enough?
Just Another Screwed Up Day In Paradise

Ruthless Decision





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“Constitutional lawyer”? My Aunt Fanny!

OBAMA yes I can SCOTUS no you can't

The Leftstream media keeps calling Barack Obama a “Constitutional lawyer”, as if this somehow makes him qualified to stick his nose in the air and sneer at SCOTUS decisions he doesn’t like.

But the fact is that Barack Obama was never a professor of Constitutional Law and never once argued a case before the Supreme Court. He isn’t even licensed to practice law, having surrendered that right in 2008.

The most common reason for a lawyer to “retire” at such a young age is to avoid being brought up on charges. In his autobiography, Obama says he was known for years as Barry Soetoro and that he used marijuana and cocaine. On his bar application, he said he had never used another name nor used drugs. Lying on your bar application is grounds for disbarment.  Obama avoided having this on his record by voluntarily retiring.



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The Middle East problem is EASY to understand


Dennis Prager explains it all in less than six minutes

Muslim vs Jew

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Suit filed in MS voter fraud case

2014_07 Cochran McDaniels Voter fraud in MS

Fourteen plaintiffs have filed a lawsuit in federal court over the June 24 primary election runoff between Senator Thad Cochran and Tea Party challenger Chris McDaniel. One of the plaintiffs, True the Vote, says it has been inundated with reports of voter fraud from across Mississippi.

The lawsuit asks the court to grant immediate access to designated county representatives to inspect the poll books and ballots, give them the review time they are permitted by law, and allow them to uphold their responsibility to Mississippi voters.

Cochran won allegedly by convincing thousands of Black Democrats to cross over and vote for him in the runoff.

  • One campaign flyer claimed McDaniel intended to prevent blacks from voting.
  • A radio announcement implied that McDaniel was going to defund welfare.
  • A Black preacher says the Cochran campaign assured him that McDaniels was a racist and says he was given cash to pay Black Democrats to vote for Cochran.
  • Prior to the primary, Mississippi Democratic Party Chairman Rickey Cole posted in Facebook that Democratic Party activists were buying votes for Cochran in at least five counties. “Large sums of cash are being passed around,” Cole said in the Facebook message.

Mississippi has open primaries. In closed primary states, voters may vote only in the primaries of their registered party. In open primary states, each voter has the right to vote in any party’s primary, but may not vote in more than one per race.

McDaniel says his people have already found over 1,500 votes in Hinds County and another 600-800 in Pine Belt in which individuals voted in the Democrat primary, then voted again in the GOP primary. That’s more than 2,000 illegal votes in just two of Mississippi’s 82 counties.

Cochran, who won the primary by only 7,000 votes, called the allegations “baseless and false.”

Major lawsuit over Senate race ‘shenanigans’ – July 1, 2014

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Obamacrats work for Satan

2014_07 Obamacrats own alien children crisis


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Planned Parenthood: Show me the money, honey!

2013_05 PP clinic rewarded for more killing

ABORTION 12 weeks fetus



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A quarter mill to give a campaign speech?

The University of Nevada at Las Vegas is planning to pay Hillary “It Takes a Village” Clinton $225,000 to speak to the students. This woman is CAMPAIGNING for PRESIDENT. She’s got no business charging college students a quarter million dollars to give a campaign speech, especially when the students in question are facing a 17% tuition hike over the next four years.

HILLARY Who yelled Benghazi

Obama’s Third Term


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