Selective Racism

2014_06 24 Glo Smith whiteface not really racist

Media response to racist attacks

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  1. For others who might not know like I didn’t, “Smith is challenging long-sitting Democratic Congresswoman Corinne Brown in Florida’s Fifth Congressional District.” (From the article chrissy linked.)

    Not knowing what state we were talking about here, searching first led me to – big fancy javascript-rotating slideshow, clean enough layout, but… ah, finally, scrolling down the page, in a quote, nestled among other quotes, I finally saw she’s from Florida. Web “artistes”! Can’t seem to put key information like state and district on top up front on web pages! At least they got her name and “Republican” in.

    By the way, as a melanin-challenged person, I am outraged and insulted by this “whiteface” vandalism. I feel threatened, marginalized, and, um, uh, dis-empowered or something. Where do I march, and whom do I sue?