President of the Thin-Skinned Club

In Minnesota, while delivering yet another speech about how he’s going to fix the economy just as soon as George Boosh and Congress get out of his way, the Whiner-in-Chief described some of the critical letters he receives.

One of them even said,

“You are an idiot and the worst president ever.”

Be still my heart. How can he bear it?! More importantly … has the incompetent nincompoop who let him see such an ego-bruiser been fired yet?


There are a million people out there right now saying “OMG, he read my letter!”

Runners up for best tweet:

  • Remember that time Bush whined about the letters he got? Yeah, me neither.
  • Golly, I’ll bet no president in history ever received letters like that. Not.
  • Can’t say I approve of the name-calling, but the accuracy . . . NAILED IT
  • But enough about what Bill Clinton thinks.

Tolerance or diversity


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