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President of the Thin-Skinned Club

In Minnesota, while delivering yet another speech about how he’s going to fix the economy just as soon as George Boosh and Congress get out of his way, the Whiner-in-Chief described some of the critical letters he receives.

One of them even said,

“You are an idiot and the worst president ever.”

Be still my heart. How can he bear it?! More importantly … has the incompetent nincompoop who let him see such an ego-bruiser been fired yet?


There are a million people out there right now saying “OMG, he read my letter!”

Runners up for best tweet:

  • Remember that time Bush whined about the letters he got? Yeah, me neither.
  • Golly, I’ll bet no president in history ever received letters like that. Not.
  • Can’t say I approve of the name-calling, but the accuracy . . . NAILED IT
  • But enough about what Bill Clinton thinks.

Tolerance or diversity


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Senator Sessions makes sense on immigration

Obamacrats created the border crisis and are refusing to do anything to solve it. Anybody who says illegal aliens should be deported is called heartless and racist.  Senator Jeff Sessions’ statement before the Senate is refreshing in its simple truthfulness.

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Elite and Entitled

2014_06 Clintons out of touch



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Key dates in “the computer ate my emails” fiasco

2014_06 IRS Scandal Key dates in lost emails

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Circling the drain

Exhibit A:  The EPA office in Denver, Colorado is having trouble with “inappropriate bathroom behavior, including defecating in the hallway.” The EPA is a federal government agency. These people behaving like junior high boys are getting paid with tax dollars.

Exhibit B: The “gender assignment is evil” article quoted in my graphic below was published by Slate, which is NOT a satire site.  It is an online “current affairs and culture magazine” owned by The Washington Post Company.

2014_06 26 Slate says gender assignment is evil



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