The IRS X-Files

Alien Koskinen

Smaug Koskinen

IRS Bigfoot riding Nessie



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  1. Chrissie, did you put those two photo-comparisons together? Whether you did nor not, they’re great, thanks. The one with Gollum is just too close a resemblance.



    I don’t know if you do this or not, chrissy, but, as you may know, all images have meta-fields for author, description, copyright, etc. and you should fill those in on your images when you can.

    I don’t always remember to do so, even after decades of on-line graphic creation and all kinds of scripts on my paint program to help me do it! But, see, if I’m wondering where an on-line image originated, I check the meta-info first (image properties are a right-click away on Opera browser). It sometimes reveals info. Filling in those fields on an image just might sometimes help identify images as yours when they get “borrowed un-credited,” off-site.

    When people copy and re-save images, also when our webware re-sizes images, that meta-info can get lost, but it’s a good signature.



  2. Oops, duh. Then I saw the Twitchy link. Well, as I said, thanks for passing them along.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      OT but I didn’t have an answer to your question about finding comments, so I posted it to our “behind the scenes” clubhouse. Maybe Bob knows something. I’m pretty much ignorant about WP except for what I need to know to post.


  3. chrissythehyphenated

    I tried putting my info on my graphics for a while when I was at Hillbuzz and realized it made me acutely uncomfortable. I’d rather people steal my stuff then advertise who I am. Yes, it’s neurotic. But it’s where I am at the moment.

    Plus, when my kid became a PR person for the gummint, I found out that anything done on the job by a federal employee is public domain. Well, I’ve been sucking on the taxpayer teat for decades. So I just stopped bothering about credit.

    Reason 2 makes me feel a little less Reason 1 ish. LOL


    • Not “signing” your work, if you’re not worried about copyright, credit, etc., is hardly “neurotic.” (Whether you’re neurotic otherwise is ‘nother bucket of beans.) There is the consideration that people can find more of your work if they like it, but others can track you down, too. It’s not just tinfoil-hat paranoid nowadays to think that vigorously exercising one’s right of self-expression on certain subjects might bring one a visit from Auntie IRS or Uncle FBI, much less the zombie horde who buzz and rankle at every chance. Conservative bloggers have been SWATted, harassed out of employment, and entangled in lawsuits, such as one intended to out the identity of Mr. of Spades. Did some Founders not find it prudent to publish anonymously lest the Royalists attack them and their families? Such similar times.

      “Signing” any work is painting a target on oneself, as John Lennon learned, but insofar as the smaller the fish the less likely to be attacked then…

      Alexa Worldwide Ranking + change in the last 3 months:
      Drudge Report, #452, up 34
      Ace of Spades, #35,779, up 2,876
      PoliNation, #2,106,835, up 240,969
      Mindful Webworks, #8,998,854, up 1,430,358

      So, I shouldn’t have to worry about the spotlight being too bright for a while, then, but that increase concerns me.