Obamacrats: The Know Nothing Party – UPDATED

Koskinen has “seen no evidence of wrong doing.”

Below: An older edition of Obamacrats Know Nothing. He’s just the FBI Director.  Sheesh. Those kooky Republicans, thinking he should know anything or come before Congress prepared to answer questions.


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2 responses to “Obamacrats: The Know Nothing Party – UPDATED

  1. Ah, more of the same ol’ same ol’.

    Video webwork, 1:03, from, oh, let’s see, almost exactly a year ago.
    Director of the US FBI Knows Nothing
    After all, he’s only the Director. Nobody tells him anything.

    And, of course, your earlier post, with the video of Sen. Cruz Questions FBI Director James Comey on IRS Investigation.

    I had heard about this “Encounter With Gowdy.” Thanks for posting it.

    Now these All Arrogance All The Time cockroaches don’t even seem to mind the light. No scurrying under the counter, we’re protected by Democratium.


  2. I thought that Hogan’s Heroes clip was familiar. 🙄 I used the audio from that very clip in Familiar Voices – Eric Holder with Schultz’s voice. Could be used and re-used and re-used…