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Obama’s Daily Dilemma

How to get his balls out of the sand trap.

OBAMA Working on his Iraq policy

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Obama’s continued assault on Catholics

Catholic charity

  • The HHS Mandate demands that Catholic organizations pay for birth control and abortifacients.
  • Another Obamacare mandate requires hospitals to be fined for taking charity cases.

Next up … Obama’s latest “Who cares about Congress?!” executive order mandates that

  • any agency receiving federal assistance may not discriminate based on sexual orientation.

Sounds compassionate, right? Wrong. It will force Catholic charities (e.g., adoption agencies) to shut down rather than violate church teachings.

Even the left-of-center National Catholic Reporter understands what is at stake. Fr. Thomas Reese claims that “Depending on what exemptions [the executive order provides], the new requirement may affect Catholic Relief Services, Catholic hospitals, Catholic education, and other Catholic charities that received Federal funds.”

Fr. Reese reports that “In 2010, the Washington archdiocese … got out of the adoption business when gay marriage became legal in the city. It was also threatened with the loss of funding to help the poor when the city council required that employers with city contracts provide spousal benefits to gay employees. Instead, the charities eliminated spousal benefits for all future employees. Since heterosexual employees would not receive spousal benefits, the agencies could not be accused of discrimination.”  (Ital added by CtH)

Yeah, that really worked well. NOT.

PROUD to be American ASHAMED of my government


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Socialists show their colors at Portland State University

Communists Shut Down Press: “We Don’t Allow Right Wing Bloggers To Tape Our Events” [4:29]

The International Socialist Organization at Portland State University tried to eject and then verbally assaulted Dan Sandini – a conservative blogger – who was legally videotaping their public event.

The socialists then called campus police to try and have him removed. The officer told them it was a public meeting and Sandini was free to videotape it.

Because of the group’s verbal harassment of Sandini and their attempt to physically block his camera from videotaping their PUBLIC meeting, the campus police shut the meeting down.

As they were leaving, the “tolerant” socialists chanted “harassment isn’t free speech” and flipped the bird at his camera as they marched past.

Hypocrisy much?


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By their fruits you shall know them

2014_06 Mega Dem donor Kareem Ahmed indicted


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