NEROBAMA: Fiddling while the world burns

2014_06 Poll Obama handling foreign policy

Poll Question 16. Now not thinking about whether you agree or disagree with President Obama’s policies and programs, but thinking about the competence and effectiveness of his administration, how competent would you say the Obama administration is in its role of managing the federal government?

Obama (June 2014 aftermath of invasion of Iraq) vs. Bush (March 2006 aftermath of Hurricane Katrina)

  • Very competent: 11% vs. 14%
  • Somewhat competent: 39% vs. 39%
  • Not too competent: 19% vs. 22%
  • Not competent at all: 31% vs. 24%

Note: When looking at these numbers, factor in the scathingly unfair media coverage Bush suffered through in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina vs. the lapdog slobbering Obama has enjoyed since before his first day as a presidential candidate.

For example, the media repeatedly pushed the “Bush doesn’t care” meme by reprinting the photo of him looking at the devastation from high above in Air Force One.

They also screamed about how he went to his ranch for two days, which no “compassionate president” would do.  How much have you ever heard about the fact that while Iraq burned, Obama went fund-raising and golfing in Palm Springs? Or that he played cards with his peeps during the bin Laden raid? Or that NOBODY KNOWS where he was or what he was doing while the embassy in Benghazi was under armed assault?

After Katrina, the media harped on the fact that Bush didn’t make his first ground visit until two days after the hurricane hit, as if this was a sign that he didn’t care, rather than what it really was – a sign that (a) POTUS doesn’t go places until the Secret Service ensures it is safe and (b) a visit by POTUS is disruptive to humanitarian and rescue operations. Overall, Bush made more than half a dozen on-the-ground visits … while the media continued to reprint the AF1 photo.

After Katrina, the media also harped on the pathetic response by national government, which was always “BOOSH’s fault!”, ignoring the fact that (a) disaster relief is a state function and that (b) the then-Democrat government in Louisiana and New Orleans were the truly incompetent and obstructive factors in delaying relief.

Now … given all that … isn’t it EXTRAORDINARY that Obama’s “competence” numbers are now WORSE?!

Full text of June 2014 poll of 1000 adults (MOE 3.1%) by HART RESEARCH ASSOCIATES/PUBLIC OPINION STRATEGIES for NBC News/Wall Street Journal @


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6 responses to “NEROBAMA: Fiddling while the world burns

  1. Pistol Pete

    Anyone who thinks if the republicans get a majority in the Senate in November it will make an iota of difference,think again.
    Obama Not Asking Congress’ Permission on Iraq

    Bam granted an audience to the congressional leaders yesterday,ostensibly for their advice on how to move forward on Iraq.Nothing could be further from the truth.Ever since the day he managed to rig his reelection he’s taken upon himself to do what he wants,when he wants and nobody,not Congress,not the media,not all the polls in the world matter a whit to him.Make no mistake,HE was the one who orchestrated the IRS sabotage and his acolytes had all the hard drives and backups destroyed to cover up his criminality.
    We have 2 1/2 years to be subjected to his tyranny and there is nothing anyone can really do.Just cling to our God and each other in hopes that The Almighty will someday lead us out of this Babylon of sin and suffering.


  2. Ting

    Love your last sentence.


  3. We love us some Chrissy!