Commander Girlie Man

2014_06 17 Obama's A game ISIS by Terrell

President Obama Lifts Weights — Jimmy Fallon Monologue


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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Dunno if this will embed, but it is a public posting, so you should be able to watch the video. It’s Brigitte Gabriel talking passionately and with supporting facts about why the peaceful Muslim majority is irrelevant.


  2. chrissythehyphenated

    Can anyone tell me when and where this ridiculous meme originated? I have seen it a few times in discussions about Iraq recently and it’s such a big fat stinking LIE, I want to SCREAM.

    From comments under Gabriel video: “She left out the fact that most Americans are peace lovers yet the Neo Cons were able to kill how many Iraqis in their war of choice, and how all the other Americans were irrelevant.”

    I feel like I should do a graphic to counter it, but I’m not sure where to start. Libtards and their talking heads appear to have forgotten that Clinton’s economic sanctions caused half a MILLION Iraqi CHILDREN to STARVE TO DEATH and that witch he had as SecState said it was worth it!

    Anybody remember THAT?! Or that Saddam Hussein used WMDs on HIS OWN PEOPLE. Or that the UN sanctions were a JOKE. Or that Congress voted in favor of the war. Or that HILLARY CLINTON voted in favor of the war. Or that the “Bush lied” meme was a lie, just like the “OMG torture” line was a lie. Or that Bush had a much bigger coalition of nations supporting the war than Obama had for his military aggressions. My kids went over repeatedly and they saw many, many Iraqis who were extremely grateful for what we did, Iraqis who had suffered under Hussein and knew up close and in person what the score was … something that cannot be said of the MORONS quoting the “war of choice” bullshit. Sorry … I think I need to go douse my head in cold water.