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Obama and Moon Cheese

2014_06 Obama and moon cheese

President Obama gave the commencement address at UC-Irvine on Saturday in which he sneered at those Republican “lunatic fringe” types who “reject the scientific evidence’ of climate change” and are as stupid as people who believe the moon is made of cheese.

The problem with his sneering is that there is actually little to no scientific support for his politically-driven position that fossil fuels are having a catastrophic effect on global climate and that we therefore must destroy our economy in order to save the planet.

In fact, one of the leading climate scientists who used to believe wholeheartedly in Anthropogenic Global Warming has disproved the theory with his own research and is now a “lunatic fringe” denier. For Obama to say that a man of THAT stature is a fringe lunatic who ignores science is ludicrous.

In recent weeks, climate alarmists have been on the bandwagon over melting at a West Antarctic glacier. Mother Jones said it was “What a Holy Shit Moment for Global Warming Looks Like.” There are two SCIENTIFIC problems with this Chicken Little scenario.

1. Global warming projections are based on computer models, not observations.
2. Observations by actual scientists who study the actual glacier show the melting is due to subterranean volcanic activity.

Even climate alarmists will admit that magma is hot enough to melt ice, right? 


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