Anti-Republican Prejudice

Anti Republican Prejudice

I have been thinking a lot lately about the deep-seated prejudice many voters have towards the Republican brand.

I had it, although I wasn’t aware of it until the Right to Life Party folded and sent me a letter recommending I register Republican. The suggestion to register Republican actually made me feel sick to my stomach. It shocked me no end. I had NO IDEA I had any prejudice buried in my subconscious, much less one so unthinking or so powerful as to make my stomach literally churn.

I’m betting a lot of disillusioned Democrats are in that same place right now.

I registered Republican so I could vote for Pro-Life candidates in the primaries. But it took me making a real effort to learn about the GOP’s history to move me from acceptance to comfort to pride in self-identifying with the GOP. I’m not proud of the RINOs, goodness knows, but it’s not about scum like John McCain. It’s about the principles and the mission. And it’s about reality, because no third party candidate is going to win.

My concern this election season is that disillusioned Democrats may very well be disgusted with their leadership. But will they vote Republican?

As long as they harbor the “Republicans are horrible people, so even a corrupt moronic Democrat is preferable”, I’d have to say, “Probably not.”

And that means we’re going to continue to have trouble winning. So let’s put some effort and advertising dollars into educating the public about GOP history, especially where it counters the “rich, selfish, old, white guys” meme the Left pushes.


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6 responses to “Anti-Republican Prejudice

  1. I’ve come to say, if the Republicans lived up to their principles, I would never have been attracted to “libertarianism” (my version, not RonPaulish libertarian). About Republicans, at one time, I was kind-of like my dad, who I was told said he wouldn’t attend church with us because he knew what impieties the house of hypocrites committed every week. I knew what R’s were supposed to stand for, and they didn’t seem to.

    Prejudice against the GOP is often just mouth-frothing insane, no question. Even the less unbalanced will look at the worst R’s and tar the whole party with them, like saying hustler preachers caught with their pants down, or Jonestown, typify Christianity.

    And it doesn’t help when so many RINOs and DIABLOs really are shady, crony crooks.

    A “liberal,” fooled by the propaganda, might learn to admire core Republicanism by understanding that despite many Republicans’ behavior, its principles best achieve those noble liberal humanitarian intentions. True hardcore Regressives, however, would never appreciate those principles, nor respect solid Republicans like Palin or Cruz or Gowdy, because those full-hearted principles are the utter opposite of the empty ideas of their collectivist tyranny.

    The national GOP “leadership” has never learned that uncompromising principle wins elections and strengthens the nation. Or, maybe like their pals “across the aisle,” they do know, they just don’t care.

    Party on.


  2. Ting

    Dave Brat’s win gave me some hope that when the voters hear the message they like it. His stump speech listed the 6 tenets of the Republican party of Virginia’s creed and he explained how those principles would guide his votes. People loved it!


  3. chrissythehyphenated

    I’ve been thinking since doing this (esp the upper right corner of the graphic) that it might be worthwhile to push the “Anti-Republican Prejudice” meme. Real Liberals (the 1950s variety who actually believe in the Constitution protecting equality under the law) are loathe to harbor ANY prejudice. So let’s OUT the one that lurking under the surface of their minds. Goodness knows they accuse us often enough of being prejudiced!


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