Dating the Slaughter of the Innocents and the Flight into Egypt

Today is Sivan 15, the date Jesus was born in Bethlehem.  Let’s all spend a few minutes this Father’s Day week-end thinking about what Joseph went through … accepting that his pregnant wife hadn’t cheated on him, but was carrying the Messiah … taking a massively pregnant woman on a week-long journey by foot to a town too crowded to provide her a clean bed in which to give birth … supporting the three of them in Bethlehem while the baby grew enough to travel … packing them all on to their donkey and fleeing to Egypt … supporting them in a strange country where he likely did not speak the language … taking them all on the long journey back to Nazareth where he again had to set up shop … be the most important human father figure in the young life of the Son of God.  Phew.  The man deserves a lot more credit than he usually gets!

Dating the Slaughter of Innocents Flight to Egypt

0000_01 10 Herod's lunar eclipse - compiled

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