Eclipse Matcher Number Six!

Back in April, I posted this information:

Dating Jesus' Bar Mitzvah

Today, I’ve got an addendum that ties the April/Nisan matcher Passover of 13 CE with the Medjugorje Anniversary calendar via yet another double eclipse that shows the same pattern as the previous five pairs I’ve found:

  • The 1st century event can be matched to a significant event in Jesus’ First Coming.
    • The 21st century event falls on the Medjugorje Anniversary (i.e., 1982 years later).
  • The 1st and 21st century Hebrew and Common Calendars match each other.
    • The 1st century week day is the day before the 21st century week day.
  • The paths of the lunar eclipses are similar.
    • The 1st century path is to the west of the 21st century path.
  • The eclipses both land at the beginning of a major Jewish festival week.

0013 & 1995 The Bar Mitzvah Medjugorje eclipses

Click on graphic to embiggen for easier reading.

  • I’m going to look for a seventh pairing, because you know how God likes SEVENs!

Stuff you might need to know or just forgot:

“The FOURTH Blood Moon has a First Century matcher too!”
Contains a long, annotated list of sources and my previous blogs.

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