Benghazi was not Hillary’s fault! Just ask her!

In an interview on ABC News, Hillary Clinton told Diane Sawyer the four Benghazi deaths were partly Bush’s fault … even though, you know, Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State and so in charge of embassy security at the time and Barack Obama was president, not George Bush.

OF COURSE, George Bush must’ve somehow made it totally impossible for them to provide adequate security. Or something.

Benghazi Hillary NOT CHRIS STEVENS

Re: The image I originally posted with this blog. It is NOT a photo of Chris Stevens. The photo in question appeared on the web in 2009 and 2010, so it cannot be Chris Stevens. Thanks to Mindful Webworker for correcting me.

Given all the misinformation the Obama administration shoveled out and the reams of speculation-turned-fact (like this photo), it is difficult (read: impossible?) to know what actually happened to Ambassador Stevens.

She went even further with her “NOT MY FAULT” when Sawyer pointed out that Ambassador Chris Stevens had written about “never ending security threats” in his diary. Hillary’s reply? Stevens was in Benghazi “of his own choosing.”

I don’t know why I’m shocked that liberals are playing Blame the Victim. It’s so typical of them.

Hillary blames Stevens for choosing to be in Benghazi on 9/11 [:22]

Hillary Clinton is one of the most despicable people on the planet. Do Democrats care? Nahhhhhhhhh. The Democrat Media Machine is in full “Get Hillary Elected” mode.

MSNBC’s Katty Kay tried this piece of utter b.s. “Chris Stevens, who was the ambassador who was killed who was clearly a brave and honorable man, was also fallible, and perhaps didn’t ask for, rejected even, some of the security that he might have had.”

“PERHAPS didn’t ask for, REJECTED even” … as in, “There is zero evidence for this meme, but if we say it often enough, we can turn it into ‘It was all his fault for being there.'”



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4 responses to “Benghazi was not Hillary’s fault! Just ask her!

  1. The horrifying graphic you’ve used, often labeled as Stevens, is not Stevens, but from an earlier incident with someone else, if I recall correctly. Been a while since I almost used it myself, but scoped it out first.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      THANK YOU, Mindful. I will remove the graphic asap. I didn’t think to check it. ::smackingforehead:: I’m usually way more careful, but when I slip up, I am glad I’ve got sharp eyes willing to give me a gentle heads up. 🙂


      • “I’m usually way more careful” – and you do great work! I was just thinking yesterday how your graphics can be so powerfully informative, and should get wider distribution.

        I like what you did changing the graphic. Nothing published on the web gets erased, and removing things can get weird and seem like lying or hiding. Much better a corrected graphic than one that seems to vanish down the rabbit hole (like LaughingStock Media when they accidentally publish a fact).


        • chrissythehyphenated

          Thanks for the Atta Girl! :))

          I was thinking the same thing about a simple deletion. I also sent out my correction to my bloggy listers (about 50 folks who get my blogs in their email) and posted it on my Facebook, so maybe it will filter through the net.

          It makes me kinda nuts when our side wastes time on false memes like this, cuz it gives the Left stuff to snark at, “Oh look at the latest LIE the rightwingnuts are passing around.”

          Plus we DO NOT NEED false memes to make our case! The REAL TRUTHS are so numerous and so horrific, I can’t even keep up with them all and this is all I do all day every day.