The video of Obama working out in a Polish Marriott gym is not a joke. The Secret Service didn’t shut down the gym for him and someone there surreptitiously video taped the president exercising. I looked at the various versions and picked this one to share cuz it was hands down the funniest.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Putincize!

The CNN report of the leaked video called it “nothing embarrassing.” Yeah, riiiiiiiiiiight. Just like the one below is “nothing embarrassing” … except it totally is, especially since it wasn’t filmed surreptitiously. They did this on PURPOSE!

Obama and Biden jog round the White House in bizarre video for Michelle’s Let’s Move campaign

Remember when Lefties play video clips of Bush trying to open a locked door … over and over and over … and laughed hysterically at how foolish he looked? Me too.

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2 responses to “Putincize!

  1. A few notes to make:

    without even looking at the video, it is obvious that Joe Biden knows more about stretching than the girly man. Biden is about 90% accurate with that stretch. I fault him in regard to the position of his hands and head, otherwise it is not a bad effort. Yes, I know that stretch very well, it is good for people with plantar fasciitis and a tight calf muscle.

    Second, now look at the girly man, and you will that his posture for his stretch is totally disgusting. He is not even close to doing the stretch correctly. Note: I cannot do that particular stretch, because to do it correctly the body should be straight. A big fail on that one Barry.

    My third point, is go check out any videos of Tony Abbott, the Australian Prime Minister exercising, or at least riding his bike. Tony Abbott is a triathlete (cycling, running and swimming). He is also a member of the Australian Surf Lifesaving movement, and has been a lifeguard on duty at his local beach, as well as a member of the volunteer fire brigade. You should be able to find a video that will show people how a man should be able to ride a bike… just not like a girly man wearing mom jeans.


  2. Ting

    Both of those videos are hilarious. Thanks!