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As usual,my cup runneth over with a plethora of marginally interesting things to boggle your mind. It promises to be another week of outrage,pain and governmental excess. There are a couple links to articles about Cankles,among others,so have your Maalox ready and dive right in.


Alison Grimes is running against Mitch McCornpone in Kentucky. She’s pretending to be pro-coal energy. Problem is it was discovered the model in her ad is from France. The ad is as phony as she is.










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    Speculation Builds on Michelle Obama Senate Run

    First Lady could be positioning herself for a run at Mark Kirk’s seat in 2016
    What is it about liberal women that they can’t be content being wives and mothers(or baby mama if you will)?They get a whiff of power and they crave more,more,more.She could run for Kirk’s seat(I doubt if she’d want an actual job) but would probably lose every county in the state except Cook.That would be enough to hand her the seat.Illinois outside of Chicago is just a finance scource for the Chicago Machine.We have no real representation.


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    Girl believed to be gang assassin before she was gunned down
    There are teenage girls who are accomplices in gang murders.

    There are girls who hide gang guns for their boyfriends.

    But Barnes was believed to be a “hitta” — a female assassin for a faction of the Gangster Disciples, law enforcement sources say.
    Mayor Tiny Dancer will cure all this once he gets to videotape all gun and ammunition sales.Then everything will be swell.


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    Justice Alito’s vote will be key in 3 cases challenging Obama’s power
    This month, the court will decide three more direct challenges to Obama’s policies in which Alito’s vote will be key. The justices will rule on whether the president exceeded his authority in making recess appointments and whether his environmental regulators went too far by requiring permits for new power plants to show they are reducing greenhouse gases.
    And in the most far-reaching case, the high court will decide whether business owners have a religious-freedom right to refuse to pay for contraceptives for female employees, as required under the president’s healthcare law.
    With Alito, the court has become a check on the White House, much like then-Sen. Obama called for in 2006 when he joined an unsuccessful filibuster against Alito’s confirmation. “We need a court that is independent,” Obama said — one that “is going to provide some check on the executive branch.”…until I get my bony ass elected and the courts won’t matter much anymore.
    Alinsky tactic:isolate a target,and attack it.I would worry less about Alito than I would Justice Kennedy or Benedict Roberts.There is no doubt ther is tremendous pressure being put on the conservative justices to bully them into betraying their oath.


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    Paul Ryan: House GOP to probe Bowe Bergdahl deal
    This pack of mewing kittens can pound sand.They have absolutely no chance against the WMD in the Spite House.

    Impeachment off, GOP fears it will rally Obama Democrats
    “150 days out from a general election is not a realistic time to begin such a solemn and Constitutionally important process,” said one advisor to House GOP leaders.

    Not to mention that even if the GOP got the majority in the Senate they would sell out the House in a heartbeat.Its happened before.


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    Democrats Considering Holding 2016 Convention In Alabama
    Along with Birmingham, Ala., Wasserman Schultz said Cleveland, Columbus, New York, Philadelphia and Phoenix are also competing to host the convention.
    Why not the South Side of Chicago?ValJar has some lovely rat- and- cockroach infested tenements full of welfare leeches and crack dealers she could rent you fairly cheaply.


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    Hillary: I May Not Testify, If Subpoenaed By Benghazi Committee, If I Don’t Like How They Conduct Themselves
    As the presumptive Queen-In-Waiting she gets to pick and choose what laws she wants to comply with.if she did testify you can bet your last union dollar its going to be all lies.

    if she did testify it would go like this:


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    Max Hastings: ‘Obama Is a Pygmy When Compared to Wartime Leaders Like Roosevelt’
    Sir Max Hastings is one of the foremost journalists, war correspondents, and military historians of our time. A former Executive Editor of the Daily Telegraph, he is the author of over 25 books including Bomber Command; Overlord: D-Day and the Battle for Normandy; and Finest Years: Churchill as Warlord. In commemoration of the Allied landings at Normandy, we excerpt his analysis of our current Commander-in-Chief that appeared in today’s Daily Mail of London.
    Another block of granite that can’t tolerate ninnies.Were he an American the left would be howling to have him boiled in his own juices.
    NOBODY calls their messiah a pigmy.


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    Rangel says Espaillat is running on ethnic loyalty
    Rep. Charles Rangel charged in a debate Friday that his chief opponent in the Democratic primary for New York’s 13th Congressional District is running because he wants to be “the Jackie Robinson of the Dominicans in the Congress.”

    Rangel said state Sen. Adriano Espaillat should tell voters “just what the heck has he done besides saying he’s a Dominican?”
    Hey,it worked for Obama,didn’t it?
    What delicious irony it would be if Tax Cheat Cholly lost his seat-for-life because of the flood of Hispanics that are infesting cities everywhere.


  10. Pistol Pete

    Have you seen this?An “interpretive dance” concocted by the French for the D-Day celebration.Its 15 minutes.Bet you can’t make it two.
    The heroes who witnessed this probably asked themselves:’THIS is what we liberated these people for?’


    • chrissythehyphenated

      It’s real hard to get into the mood of the piece with Mr. I’m Bored By Art yap yap yapping. I got to 2:58.


  11. Pistol Pete

    Obama Declares June Gay Pride Month
    Well,isn’t that special?

    U.S. Armed Forces color guard to march in gay pride parade in D.C.; called a first nationwide
    The stupid rainbow flag flying next to Old Glory…how revolting.


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    Gitmo Detainees Awaiting Move to Prison in Thomson, Illinois
    this is a really sore spot with me.Thomson was on my service route for over 20 years.A sleepy little hamlet in Western Illinois on the Mississippi where everybody knows everybody.The social event of the year is the Melon Festival every Labor Day weekend.They were 100% against building the prison in their town,but the Chicago bullies had their way.It stood vacant for years until the feds bought it to house Gitmo detainees.If you think some big shots in Chicago didn’t make millions off the sale of the prison you don’t know how Illinois works.They don’t care about bringing murderous terrorists to live in a small town full of farmers and laborers.


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    Democratic senator Puckett resigns, adding to state budget turmoil
    you need to read this to get the whole picture,but the gist of it is a democrat state senator resigned his seat tipping the balance of power to the republicans.The dems in that state are howling like a chorus of scorched cats.They were OK when Jumpin’ Jim Jeffords did it.
    I’m linking to two articles so you can get a taste of the mood McAuliffe and Co. are in today.

    Nepotism Might Have Just Doomed Virginia’s Medicaid Expansion
    Virginia’s Republicans might have made a Democratic state senator an offer he couldn’t refuse: leave the Senate ASAP, and we’ll finally confirm your daughter for her judgeship and even find you a new job. In return, Republicans will take the Senate majority, and liberals’ plan to expand Medicaid to 400,000 Virginians will breath its last unexpanded breath.


  14. Pistol Pete

    Hillary: ‘We struggled’ to make ends meet after leaving the White House
    this is how she defends her $200,000 speaking fees.
    Poor us!
    We took everything in the White House that wasn’t nailed down.
    Our money man,Terry McAwful bought us a house in Chappaqua so I could grab a US Senate seat and our non-profit foundation is $10 million in debt…we’re just like you

    Hillary Wants To Be President Without Media Vetting
    CBS and NBC also channeled the “defiant, not defensive” spin, a stale rerun of “What difference does it make?”

    This is exactly the same pose Clinton struck in every other scandal in which she’s been neck-deep, including her dishonest “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” interview with Matt Lauer in 1998.

    She never defends, only attacks, and the media swallow it whole. She could deny, distract or lie about her husband’s sexual dalliance with an intern for months, and when all the lying was undeniable, Dan Rather nominates her Person of the Year.


  15. Pistol Pete

    Dating Lesson’ Asks Eighth-Grade Girls To Publicly Declare How Far They Will Go Sexually
    Some of the labeled signs were innocuous, according to KGTV. These included “smiled at,” “hugged” and “kissed.”

    Other signs, such as “above the waist,” “below the waist” and “all the way,” were to varying degrees considerably less innocuous.
    This is only outrageous to people with morals and principles.


  16. Pistol Pete

    Eric Cantor Calls on Obama to Make Immigration Deal (Primary Tomorrow)
    House Majority leader Eric Cantor showed how out of touch he is with the conservative base when he called on Barack Obama to make a deal on immigration this week. Cantor will face challenger Dave Brat Tuesday in the Virginia primary.


    • Ting

      I have been working for Dave Brat’s campaign. It’s still a long shot, but we’re not giving up! Tomorrow I will be at my precinct most of the day, and I have been told that it is an important one. Also, I’m told that Dave will be joining me himself in the important 4-7 PM shift. I’m looking forward to introducing him to my neighbors!

      Did any of you hear him on Glenn Beck’s radio show today at 10:00? He is actually a really good retail politician, even though he has no prior experience. I admire him for putting himself out there for the people, which is something I keep stressing to the voters with whom I engage about him.


  17. Pistol Pete

    Feminists Freak Out Over Miss Nevada Suggestion Women Learn Self Defense to Avoid Rape
    ‘We shouldn’t teach women self-defense so they can avoid being raped, rather we should only teach men it is bad to rape.’

    That’s the logic coming from leftist feminists in response to Miss Nevada Nia Sanchez, now Miss USA, suggesting last night that women should learn self-defense in order to prevent or avoid being sexually assaulted. Sanchez is a fourth degree black belt in taekwondo.

    Maybe feminists feel safe because they’re so plug-ugly hound dogs turn around and run away.


    • What a bizarre thing that was. If you read the comments, the idiots are all aghast that anyone would suggest self-defense. Because, apparently, men “just need to be taught that rape is bad.” Is that their plan? Really? And nobody’s allowed to learn a few judo moves until their genius plan kicks in? What a bunch of Einsteins.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      I don’t get the feminazi “let’s all be victims” mentality. Is it like women traumatized by their own abortions who dive into pro-abortion work to somehow feel a little better, like if other people do it, I must not be so bad?


    • I think self-defense should be a required course for all female students in all public schools, beginning in middle school and continuing through high school. Yes, guys should be taught to respect women, but guys who are not deterred from sexual assault by any considerations of conscience or morality might still be deterred by the prospect of their victims kicking their balls up into their spleens.


  18. Pistol Pete

    Obama: It was a “unanimous decision” in “my gov’t” to swap the Gitmo 5 for Bergdahl
    “his government” is ruled b a majority of one.


  19. chrissythehyphenated

    STAR SPANGLED PROTEST – The description of the paint job doesn’t do it justice. It’s actually very tastefully done. And I love the owner’s final word … “It’s in compliance.” This hits home, because our local Democrat Gestapo Government is proposing MANDATING full energy inspections of EVERY house. Cuz yeah, really, it’s all about how we NEED to have somebody come into our home and snoop around for reasons to put us on the DemoHit List as subversives. NOT.

    Reuters: “A Florida man who feels he is being unfairly treated by local code enforcement officials has mounted an unusual protest – he painted his house like the American flag…[Brent Greer] is upset that city code enforcement officers inspected his home in February after an anonymous complaint that a 15-foot-tall Christmas tree on his front porch had fallen over, he said… The officer went on to cite Greer for a list of violations including lack of screens on some windows, peeling house paint, yard debris, and some rotted and loose wood, according to a copy of the complaint provided by Greer… A code enforcement hearing is set for June 17 at which Greer said he could be fined $250 a day… Greer said his wife Catherine, who holds an art degree, and their seven children repainted the house in red, white and blue, complete with stars. He said the family has received an outpouring of support, particularly among veterans. He said they intend to further decorate the house with a painted plywood Liberty Bell which they will place where the Christmas tree had stood. ‘It’s in compliance,’ Greer said.”


  20. Pistol Pete

    Black bears are the buzzing topic around town lately. Weekend sightings of a black bear in the Roscoe area has prompted a lot of talk not only about bears, but about the encroachment of wildlife around populated areas. It’s not unusual for me to see coyotes on my way to the radio station early in the morning, and Scot & I see plenty of deer, foxes, turkeys, and hawks running (or flying) around the station’s property.

    Animals being where maybe they shouldn’t be is nothing new though…
    This is from the website of one of our local talkradio stations.When I got back from RJ Pistols’ baseball game Saturday there was a robocall from the county sheriff’s department warning of a black bear sighting some 8 miles from my home.
    The voice ominously warned that it was a dangerous animal and warned people not to approach it if they saw it.I had to fight the urge to run out and look for it,hoping to give it a big hug and kiss.


  21. chrissythehyphenated

    Opening in theaters October 3: A total remake of Left Behind. Screenwriter/Producer Paul LaLonde (who specializes in Christian films) says, “I’ve found Bible prophecy to be a great way to reach out to people who may not necessarily be open to evangelism, so we were excited about [the first] ‘Left Behind’ and how it did, but ever since then I wanted to do something bigger,” he continued. “I wanted to put Bible prophecy on the big screen rather than just on videos, to put the message of Bible prophecy in front of a much broader audience, and not just church-goers. That’s something we’ve tried to do with this new ‘Left Behind’ movie and this new approach of a bigger film with A-list actors.”

    He also says this is NOT a rehash of the first version starring Kirk Cameron, which covered the whole first book of the Left Behind series. This is going to be an entire film JUST about the day of the Rapture. Sounds great. Now … when will the DVD be out for us homebound types?!