Fetal models save lives

ABORTION Pro-Life fetus model give away enrages Pro-Aborts

The dolls shown are machine molded rubber (solid and soft). These start at $1.50 each and go down to as little as 35¢ each for bulk purchases.

There is a cheaper option that is machine molded plastic (hollow and hard). These start at 75¢ each and go down to as little as 29¢ each for bulk purchases.

Both models are available in pink and brown. Both come with information cards to give with the models that detail fetal development. Spanish cards are also available. By 12 weeks, babies the size of the models have beating hearts and detectable brain waves. They can kick, swim and even suck their little thumbs.

Customer comments from sales site @ http://www.heritagehouse76.com/details.aspx?prod_id=190

  • I use these precious models on the street to show how real and precious babies are in the womb. I placed one of these in the hand of a heckler who came to tell me that “its just a bunch of cells”. She held the baby dearly and then looked at me with tears in her eyes and told me her grandchild was aborted at this age.
  • We have given these fetal models out at our County Fair table and adults as well as children love picking them up and looking at them. It is such a visual for educating everyone how well we are developed at 10 – 12 weeks.
  • Children especially love the models. For them, a representation of a baby is not a political affront, it is just a baby.
  • These models are perfect for showing the otherwise skeptical pregnant mom or male that believes a baby is a blob of tissue.
  • We use these at all our Right to Life events, fairbooths, dinners, youth days at schools. Great way to show the truth – ‘it’s a baby’. Great start to get the conversation going on the pro-life subject. The card with information is just right, basic enough for youth, comprehensive enough and education for the adults as well.
  • We gave these little ones out at the Respect Life tent at the Indiana State Fair and so many of the children wanted one of them. They did not know that this is what an unborn child looks like. This is a wonderful, affordable tool.
  • I use these babies when I give my talks to the classrooms about the development of babies in the womb. I have done from grade 3 to college. The students are astounded by them when you ask them to compare them to their hands with the additional info of what the baby can do at this stage. I give them to all the kids to keep.

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