The FOURTH Blood Moon has a First Century matcher too!

In case you’ve lost track, this makes FIVE “Medjugorje Anniversary” eclipse events I’ve found so far. ALL FOUR of the TETRAD Blood Moons, plus the total solar eclipse that will occur between the second and third of them.  In all five cases, the 1st and 21st c. Common and Hebrew calendars match each other. Also, the paths of the 1st and 21st c. lunar eclipse pairs are very similar to one another.  The 1st c. solar eclipse was over the Southern Ocean; the 21st c. solar eclipse will be over the Norwegian Sea.  You can look all this stuff up for yourself at the links below.

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0033-2015_09 4th TETRAD eclipse calendar matchers

Sources and Background Reading:

“End Times: Signs in the Sky”
About the rare TETRAD and how the dates all match Jewish holy days

“Mary has been appearing at Medjugorje for 33 years”
The first apparition at Medjugorje was on the 1982d anniversary of Jesus’ circumcision.

“TRIPLE Sky Sign on April 15, 2014”
About three ways the first of the TETRAD of Blood Moons is prophetic

“April 2015: More on the Solar and Lunar Eclipses”
About the third Blood Moon in the TETRAD, the solar eclipse 2 weeks prior, Scripture and the calendar

“Why I spend so much time on sky signs”
Link to free viewing of “The Star of Bethlehem”

“Is Mary’s Medjugorje timeline related to Jesus’ First Coming?”
About what I mean by a “Medjugorje Anniversary”

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Gaining insight into the Finding in the Temple incident

“Dating the Medjugorje Anniversaries of Jesus’ Public Ministry”

“April/Nisan Matchers”
About the rarity of April-Nisan matchers and why I bother with all this calendar and sky sign stuff

“The SECOND Blood Moon had a matcher too!”
About my discovery that the second Blood Moon in the current TETRAD has a Medjugorje matcher in Jesus’ time

“March 2015 Solar Eclipse and Third TETRAD Blood Moon also have 33 CE matchers!”
About the Medjugorje matchers for the first three Blood Moons and the solar eclipse

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