Is this the century God granted Satan extra power over His church?

We have received two prophecies indicating that God granted Satan a century of power to attack His church. One prophecy came in a vision to Pope Leo XIII in 1884 that was couched in a future tense. The other was during an apparition of Mary at Medjugorje in 1982 that was couched in the present tense. I found a lot of evidence that Satan’s century began in 1917. Today, I discovered something extraordinary that I think adds more specificity and weight to my supposition.

1917 largely overlaps 5677.
From the beginning of 1917 to the end of 2016 is 100 years.
2016 largely overlaps 5776.
From the beginning of 5677 to the end of 5776 is 100 years.
5 is Mary’s number.
6 is Satan’s number.
77 is Jesus’ number.
Mary is both herself and also a symbol for the Church (Gen 3:15, Rev 12:4-5).
In 5677, we have Satan standing between Mary/Church and Jesus.
In 5776, we have Mary/Church and Jesus reunited, with Satan booted to the end.

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Is this the century God granted Satan extra power over His church

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2 responses to “Is this the century God granted Satan extra power over His church?

  1. Chrissy, I’m not sure I followed all the numberology — okay, I am sure I didn’t follow all of it 🙂 — but I believe I got the gist that things are coming to a head, to which conclusion observation of the times would seem to lend great credence. 😦

    Doesn’t it seem that the Insane are hardening their hearts against Truth and Right in all aspects of life, more distinctly and publicly than ever? That natural enemies form inconceivable coalitions (Code Pinko and Muz Bro’hood??) based on their mutual opposition to the Right and Valuable? Easy to imagine their diabolical Leader is starting to feel the pressure of being backed into a corner and is not going down peacefully.

    It’s almost as if a Great Choice were being forced, no fence-sitting anymore.

    But, in so many ways, the Prince of Lies vs. the Spirit of Truth is a lonnng-time constant in this life, so maybe it’s just another day in the life of the planet. 🙄

    I can’t say as I’d buy the idea that “God granted Satan extra power over His church.” As a matter of interpretation of things. (Knowing no more than I do, which is nothing.) Our Lord: “You have the time; you will have the power. Do with them what you will.” Sounds t’me more like, “Y’think so, huh? Go ahead! Try.” as opposed to, “Here, bad dude, have a bunch of extra power and time.”

    Explicitly, it sounds like, “You have [such] time… [and] power [as you’ve got].” But I tend to think of such things in terms of, what would a parent do? Grant as much merciful delay as seems proper, perhaps, but that would not change by some rebellious child’s taunting request. Certainly a parent may allow evil choices, allow the consequences to do the persuading that the parent couldn’t, but would not expressly enable nor abet the evil choices. No doubt the debbil would think he got a big allotment, and he may act like he’s empowered and all that, which has real-world consequences in the madness he generates, but really, sorry, he’s mostly pathetic. Like Judas before he realized his error. Only this one is the fight for the whole planet. Am I rambling? Sorry.

    I especially liked the Pope’s prayer.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      The Medjugorje version, “God gave him permission to try the Church for one century. This century is under the power of the devil”, may be clearer if you understand it in the context of Catholic teaching that the Millennium (Satan bound and locked in the abyss) when Jesus died. We believe this “binding of the strongman” was done to allow Christianity to spread to all nations.

      I saw in Satan’s century the same kind of thing that happened in Job, whereby the God loosened some of the restrictions He had on Satan’s power, but as with all through salvation history, any evil permitted has been within God’s big plan.

      Also, it just makes sense to me that God allowed Satan time to build up his troops before the big end game. Just look at the 20th century … the rise of Atheistic Communism and the very evil Nazism, plus the return on a truly global scale of militant Islam. The Christian martyrdom count skyrocketed in the 20th century. In the Age of the Apostles, it was thousands per year. From then until 1900, it was 10s of thousands per year. After 1900, it jumped to hundreds of thousands per year.

      But God didn’t leave us defenseless. As Satan was building up, so was God. The Protestant Charismatic renewal began on January 1, 1900. Our Lady of Fatima coincided with Lenin’s move to power. The Divine Mercy apparitions in Poland happened right before WWII and greatly strengthened the Polish Catholics, one of whom was training underground for the priesthood. He became one of our greatest popes and was recently canonized.

      Our Lady of Garabandal and the Catholic Charismatic movement started around the same time the RCC went badly awry in the aftermath of Vatican II (which wasn’t the result of the council’s teachings, but of their misinterpretation and misapplication). And Medjugorje began shortly before the disintegration of the USSR left the whole area a mess of Catholic-Muslim-Communist and tribal conflict.

      ITA with your no more fence sitting assessment. There are only two teams … God’s and Not God’s. The closer we get to Armageddon, the more obvious this will become.