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My hair is still smouldering over the bullshit that was perpetrtated right before our very eyes. From the accounts I’ve read this morning the real Americans are smart enough to see exactly what happened. The frustrating thing is there is nothing we can do about it. He’s completely oblivious to criticism. When he was first swept into office on a tsunami of hot air he promised his hard left worshippers he’d close Gitmo. It is now apparent he never intended to try any of his brothers,just trade them for hostages… or deserters as the case may be.

When I think of true warriors who lost their lives searching for a moonbat who walked off base out of uniform and unarmed,hoping to join the Taliban”freedom fighters,” I just wanna break something….or kick my dog through a hedge…if I had a dog.

Wanna get even more pissed than you already are?

Check this out:





I waited tables in college and this is a real sore spot with me.



Andrea Mitchelll, a millionaire who married a corpse who used to be chairman of the Federal reserve,shows the unmitigated gall of possibly,maybe questioning the Messiah’s motives. The left pounced on her like the wild curs they are.

F$#k You B@#%$’

NBC Anchor Slammed By Rabid Obama Supporters for Hinting at Opportunistic Photo Op With POW Dad

NBC correspondent and anchorette Andrea Mitchell was attacked as harshly as possible by leftists angry that she would dare insinuate



This shoulder kiss would be awkward outside DC.


I’d rather not.





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  1. Pistol Pete

    Sure was a busy little beaver this weekend,wasn’t he?

    Obama Golfs with Money Buddy

    by Keith Koffler on May 31, 2014, 1:03 pm

    President Obama today is playing golf with Wall Street banker Robert Wolf, a megadonor to Obama and other Democrats who is also reportedly a personal friend of the president’s.

    The two are playing at Fort Belvoir along with White House aides Joe Paulsen and Marvin Nicholson, two of Obama’s usual partners.

    It’s a beautiful and breezy 74 degrees here in the Washington area.

    It’s Obama 17th time playing this year and the 174th trip to the greens since his presidency began.


  2. Pistol Pete

    Michelle Obama Pens NYT Editorial, Defends School Lunch Program
    C’mon, baby daddy do anything he want and y’all can’t do shit.
    I know better than all y’all how yo kids should eat,so just eat what we tell you to and get over it.


  3. Pistol Pete

    The EPA as Super-Legislature
    Having failed to get the Democrats’ cap-and-trade scheme through Congress, President Obama intends to create it through fiat, with the Environmental Protection Agency scheduled to issue today what amounts to a bill of attainder against coal-fired electricity generators. The regulation will set a national limit on greenhouse-gas emissions from coal plants and then offer states a phony menu of choices for meeting that standard, stacking the policy deck in such a way as to force them into cap-and-trade programs administered by multistate cartels.

    When he said under his plan energy prices would necessarily skyrocket he wasn’t kidding.Unfortunately for us.


  4. Pistol Pete

    Obama’s Bad Trade

    There’s an old joke here in Arkansas about President Clinton returning to his home state for a Razorbacks championship football game. While there, he’s given two cute little piglets by a wealthy agribusiness Razorback alumnus. As he later disembarks Marine One on the White House lawn Bill has a cute piglet under each arm. At the foot of the stairway, a sharp young Marine lance corporal snaps a smart salute and barks, “Nice pigs, Sir!” A grinning Clinton hoists them a bit higher and says, “Yeah, they a couple of real Arkansas beauties aren’t they; I got one for Hillary and one for Janet Reno.”

    The Marine, still holding his salute says, “Smart trade, Sir!”


  5. Pistol Pete



    Iowa Republican Senate candidate Joni Ernst has opened up an 18-point lead and is on pace to win the nomination on Tuesday, according to the results of a Des Moines Register poll three days before the primary.


  6. Pistol Pete

    White House Aides Define Obama Doctrine: ‘Don’t Do Stupid Sh*t’
    Still trying to figure out what President Barack Obama’s foreign policy doctrine is? Search no more. The White House has got you covered.

    “For those pining for an Obama Doctrine victory for the president, here it is: ‘Don’t Do Stupid Shit,’” Politico’s Mike Allen wrote in his daily tip sheet, the Politico Playbook, Saturday. “Playbook rarely prints a four-letter word — our nephews are loyal readers. But we are, in this case, because that is the precise phrase President Obama and his aides are using in their off-the-record chats with journalists.”


  7. Pistol Pete

    Dem to Hispanic Republican: ‘We Need to Send Her Back to Wherever She Really Came From’
    Democratic gubernatorial candidate Alan Webber of New Mexico says of his likely political opponent, Republican governor Susana Martinez, that “We need to send her back to wherever she really came from.”
    Now imagine a republican saying a thing like that about Luis Gutierrez.
    Anybody remember when phony Hispanic Loretta Sanchez took back her name to beat Bob Dornan for Congress with the help of thousands of illegal alien votes?


  8. Pistol Pete

    Former Fed chairman Ben Bernanke makes millions charging $200,00 an hour to talk to bankers on the international speaking circuit – but even Goldman Sachs thinks his fees are too high
    Ben Bernanke made $200,00 a year as Chairman of the Federal Reserve. Now he makes that in a single hour
    He left office in February after serving eight years

    He’s been hired by bankers across the world to give speeches about the direction of the U.S. central bank
    Some banks like Goldman Sachs and UBS have declined to hire his services after deeming them too expensive
    In liberal land you can never be rich enough or corrupt enough.
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  9. Pistol Pete

    AP: Mississippi Senate Race Biggest of Tuesday’s 8 Primaries
    Sen. Thad Cochran, seeking a seventh six-year term, faces state Sen. Chris McDaniel, who’s backed by tea party groups.

    Voters in Alabama, California, Iowa, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico and South Dakota also will nominate candidates for the Nov. 4 elections.

    The Mississippi Senate race initially followed familiar themes. Cochran, backed by the Republican establishment, said he consistently steers federal money to the state. McDaniel said Cochran is insufficiently conservative.

    Democrats would like to help their buddy Thad,but Mississippi has voter ID.Damned hard to cheat.


    • Ting

      But if it is an open primary, like we have here in VA, then the voter ID won’t be a problem.

      We will have our voter ID law go into effect for our Republican primary next Tuesday, June 10. The Democrats are not fielding any candidates in November so no primary for them this year. I am actually encouraging some of my Dem. friends who despise Eric Cantor to go out and vote for Dave Brat, because even though they disagree with his politics, he is an honest man – and not Eric! We don’t declare what party we are in – in VA. You just show up at the polls, present your ID, and request a ballot for whichever party’s primary in which you wish to vote. I cross back and forth all the time, rarely to vote FOR someone, but usually to head off a particularly bad candidate from making progress. The only consequence is that the parties use the voter rolls to target you with mailings and phone calls, assuming that you consider yourself a member if you voted in their primary. I know the danger of much mischief is there, but I still like the way we have it set up. I would have a hard time declaring a party.


  10. Pistol Pete

    Says Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., only needs about 40,000 to 50,000 votes to win election to Congress compared with the 120,000 votes King needs, because Waters has a higher immigrant population.

    Rep. Steve King says Maxine Waters wins election to Congress with fewer votes because of lower turnout, more immigrants
    Just check the charts


  11. Pistol Pete

    80-90% of Employer Provided Insurance Will Disappear Because of Obamacare


  12. Pistol Pete

    Susan Rice Disregards Question About Whether Bergdahl Deserted Army: ‘That’s Not the Point’
    Certainly, anybody who has been held in those conditions in captivity for five years has paid an extraordinary price, but that is really not the point,” Rice said. “The point is he’s back. He’s going to be safely reunited with his family. He served the United States with honor and distinction.”
    The bigger point is we’re not talking about the VA scandal anymore.


  13. Pistol Pete

    Cab drivers cry discrimination when forced to learn English to keep jobs
    Sacramento’s City Council has adopted rules requiring the city’s cab drivers to have a proof of “basic English skills,” according to CBS 13.

    “The whole point is from the passenger’s perspective so that they can communicate with the driver, and get to where they need to go,” city Revenue Manager Brad Wasson said.

    oK,now we’re getting silly.


  14. Pistol Pete

    Nanny of the Week: Virginia hoses down car wash fundraisers
    For years, car washes have been a fundraising staple for high school sports teams, marching bands and youth groups.

    SHUT IT DOWN: You can’t have fundraising car washes in Arlington, Va., anymore. In fact, you can’t have any car washes on private property without a permit from the state.

    Just get some kids together with buckets and soap, rent out a parking lot, put up a sign and hope it doesn’t rain.

    But in Arlington, Va., you also have to hope the government doesn’t catch you.

    Charity car washes and car wash fundraisers are now banned there, after the city’s Department of Environmental Services issued new rules for stormwater and water runoff.
    We’re from the government and there ain’t shit you can do about it.


    • Ting

      This is the first that I have heard about this – but Arlington is in the People’s Republic of Northern Virginia.


  15. Pistol Pete

    Every time I see this insufferable cow it just irritates the hell out of me knowing she’s still around only for the stupidity and stubbornness of Todd Akin.Now she’s licking Killary’s wrinkled hind quarters to let the bitch know she’s really,really good at sucking up.