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Our Lady of Fatima

Our Lady of Fatima images

In 1917, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared once a month for six months to three children of Fatima, Portugal, in a field above a small holm oak. Pope Pius XI approved the apparitions in 1930.

The children described her as dressed all in white, with a pure white mantle edged with gold, which fell to her feet. In her hands, she held a rosary whose beads shone like stars, its crucifix the most radiant gem of all. She was encircled by rays of clear and intense light, brighter than the sun, that radiated 4 to 5 feet. At the end of her visits, “she rose slowly in the direction of the east, until she disappeared in the immense distance.”

Our Lady of Fatima is often depicted standing on a little cloud, perhaps because witnesses to the apparition reported seeing a little cloud coming and going when the children said Mary was coming and going. In paintings, she is usually shown with an aura of light or with a halo of 12 stars (Rev 12:1).  Statues often have a crown on her head to show her role as Queen of Heaven (Luke 1:31-33, Psalm 45:6-11). She is also often shown with the symbol of her Immaculate Heart, since this was the devotion she said at Fatima she wished to be established.



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Something Other Than God

I want to read this book!

Jennifer Fulwiler on EWTN’s Bookmark talking about her new book

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Posted by Pistol Pete

My hair is still smouldering over the bullshit that was perpetrtated right before our very eyes. From the accounts I’ve read this morning the real Americans are smart enough to see exactly what happened. The frustrating thing is there is nothing we can do about it. He’s completely oblivious to criticism. When he was first swept into office on a tsunami of hot air he promised his hard left worshippers he’d close Gitmo. It is now apparent he never intended to try any of his brothers,just trade them for hostages… or deserters as the case may be.

When I think of true warriors who lost their lives searching for a moonbat who walked off base out of uniform and unarmed,hoping to join the Taliban”freedom fighters,” I just wanna break something….or kick my dog through a hedge…if I had a dog.

Wanna get even more pissed than you already are?

Check this out:





I waited tables in college and this is a real sore spot with me.



Andrea Mitchelll, a millionaire who married a corpse who used to be chairman of the Federal reserve,shows the unmitigated gall of possibly,maybe questioning the Messiah’s motives. The left pounced on her like the wild curs they are.

F$#k You B@#%$’

NBC Anchor Slammed By Rabid Obama Supporters for Hinting at Opportunistic Photo Op With POW Dad

NBC correspondent and anchorette Andrea Mitchell was attacked as harshly as possible by leftists angry that she would dare insinuate



This shoulder kiss would be awkward outside DC.


I’d rather not.





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