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The Civility and Tolerance of the Left

Lefties complain that Fox News doesn’t hire enough minorities. So NATURALLY, when Fox hired a black female (actress Stacey Dash), Lefties piled on the congrats.  Just kidding.  They did what they always do, which is trash any female and/or black who dares to step off the Democrat Plantation.

Via Twitchy:

  • Stacey Dash joins Fox News. Because Fox News needed to be more clueless
  • fox news adds another coon newscaster
  • Congrats on your new token, Fox!
  • she truly thinks she’s a white woman
  • motherfucker’ll fit in well w/ all the other dummies
  • F Stacey Dash
  • Turncoat ass bitch
  • Ew! Truly USELESS Actress
  • Stacey Dash just pissed off my entire existence….MY ENTIRE EXISTENCE…who tf hurt her? why is she like this?
  • Somebody please help her get her life.
  • Stacey Dash is now with Fox News to offer cultural analysis? the jokes write themselves.
  • Lunatics follow lunatics.
  • how is Stacey Dash about to “contribute” to Fox News like straight-to-DVD black cinema aint pay some of them bills.

As per usual, the Leftists hashtag – #YesAllWomen – REALLY means #YesAllWomenNotConservative. But Stacey refused to be sucked into the hate fest. She tweeted this gem!

2014_05 28 Stacey Dash laughs at hate



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Must See Video: Exposing Planned Parenthood

Below is a TRULY SHOCKING six minute synopsis of Live Action’s six years of undercover investigations of the United States’ largest abortion corporation, Planned Parenthood. Those findings include:

  • Child sexual abuse
  • Racism
  • Deceptive and manipulative counseling
  • Sex trafficking help
  • False advertising and fraud
  • Sex-selective abortion
  • Lies about clinic safety

Lies, Corruption, and Scandal: Six Years of Exposing Planned Parenthood [6:00]

Live Action will hand-deliver a packet to every U.S. congressman and senator today, detailing the massive corruption our tax dollars help finance at Planned Parenthood. Read more @

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Posted by Pistol Pete

Proof once again that great minds think alike: I had planned to post about the nitwit on CNN who decided that Cruella Michella can sign legislation,but CtH beat me to it. She did a far better job than I could have done anyway. Fear not,I’m not done with the Ghetto Trash with Cash by a damn sight. What really rankles me is Bozo is doing photo ops with science fair kids,troops in Afghanistan (exactly what DID the troop buildup in 2009 accomplish,anyway?) and today he’s polluting West Point to blow more hot air to young men and women he’s so underqualified to be addressing.

It’s taking longer to post recently because SD was over and set her mama up with a Facebook account. She’s come across people she had completely forgotten about. Now she has a use for the computer besides playing solitaire. She’s supposed to stop by when she’s in town again some time and set my account up. I’ve gotten along without it so far so it doesn’t bother me much. I guess I’ll have to be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

DW found this on FB


The Tea Party ousted a sitting Lt. Governor in Texas yesterday,along with a 91 year old who has served 17 terms. He was a democrat until 2002 when he switched parties and had the support of the republican establishment.



US First Lady Michelle Obama eats a turk







All y’all smart-ass science kids are wasting yo time. By the time I get done the only job y’all will be able to get is flippin’ burgers at Mickey D’s or at WalMart. Don’t forget to pay your fair share of taxes.







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MEDIA FAIL: CNN anchor flunks Civics 101

  • Remember when we elected Michelle Obama to tell us how to feed our kids?
  • Yeah. Me neither.

On May 27, 2014, CNN’s Carol Costello claimed Michelle Obama ‘Signed The Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act Into Law’

From TPNN:  It’s incredible that we live in a time when the President has dismissed the Supreme Court’s importance as “an unelected group” of people, but has offered his wife a chance to combat Congress on a measure in the House from the bully pulpit of the White House.

CNN Anchor: Michelle Obama Can Sign Bills Into Law By Todd Cefaratti – May 27, 2014


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Veterans Affairs Management Accountability Act

May 21, 2014: The House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed (390 to 33) the Veterans Affairs Management Accountability Act. If the Senate passes and the President signs this bill into law, it would be much easier (read: possible) for the scandal-plagued VA to fire employees based on poor performance (read: clean out dead wood). YAYS were bipartisan; NAYS came from Democrats ONLY.

May 22, 2014: The day before Memorial Day weekend started, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) asked for the Senate to bring this bill to a vote.  Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) objected on behalf of Senate Democrats. As chair of the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs, Sanders has the power to delay ANY action on this important bill INDEFINITELY. He says in the video below he is going to hold a HEARING …. in June.

Senate Dems Block Veterans Bill [:33]

Q. Guess who hates the idea of dead wood getting fired?
A. The UNION that protects said dead wood from accountability.

Q. Guess what Socialist Senator is owned by the UNIONS?
A. Bernie Sanders.

Remember back in 2009 when Democrats kept screaming about how Republicans opposed Obamacare because we supposedly WANTED people to DIE?

Democrat Alan Grayson Claims “Republicans Want You To Die” (:19)

May 15, 2014: Senator Sanders justified his “sit on all VA reform legislation until hell freezes over” policy by telling CNN “We know that people die every day.”

Sanders also claimed, “There are problems, and we have got to get at those problems. But we need the facts to lead us to where we want to go.” But Congress AND the TWO presidents have KNOWN SINCE 2005 that the VA was failing veterans by delaying care, wasting money and falsifying their records!

Sanders NEVER served in the military, so why is he CHAIR of the Senate’s Committee on Veterans Affairs? Because he votes the way Harry Reid tells him to vote. Officially, he is an Independent (not a Democrat), but he describes himself as a “Democratic Socialist” which means he’s not the centrist his Independent status might suggest, but rather a Progressive Obamacrat.


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Redistribution = Socialism

This is what the poor get under Capitalism vs what they get under Socialism.

The Poor's Share under Capitalism vs Socialism

April 7, 2010: Kelly interviews King about Obama policies hurting job producers


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Bwahahaha ::rawkrawk::

Club for Growth produced these funny ads on behalf of candidates in Alaska and Arkansas.

Parrot (Alaska)

Parrot (Arkansas)

At the beginning of the 20th century, federal taxes accounted for 3% of the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP); today, they approach 100% of GDP. Today’s high federal tax rates push up the cost of all consumer goods and services, leaving ordinary people with less money to buy food, clothing, and other needed items.

At the beginning of the 20th century, federal tax rules filled just a few hundred pages; today, they fill more than 60,000 pages. Today’s federal tax regulations punish producers while rewarding parasites, which reduces economic growth and further damages ordinary people.


Club for Growth works to promote a high growth economy by supporting pro-growth political campaigns coupled with legislative involvement, issue advocacy, research, training and educational activity. Club for Growth believes the goal of tax policy should be to raise the amount of money needed to fund legitimate functions of government while doing the least amount of damage to the economy and respecting the principle of treating taxpayers equally. Read more @

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Posted by Pistol Pete

Hope everybody had an awesome holiday weekend. Time to put graduations,memorials and cookouts behind and put on the snarky suit. Barky got up early to get in another round of golf at Andrews before jetting off for a surprise visit to some real men in Afghanistan. I heard his speech and it was painfully apparent to me that his words of praise for the troops were as hollow and empty as his soul. I have nothing to base it on but my own gut feeling but I’m thinking there were a lot of soldiers there who didn’t really want to be. I judge that by the cheers I heard that were polite but not overly enthusiastic. He announced he was,in essence,unilaterally surrendering and most of the troops would be out by the end of the year. He also accidentally outed the CIA station chief,who now has to be transferred out. Can they pin this on Scooter Libby? The countries’ president and biggest opium  dealer,Hamid Karzai, wouldn’t even meet the Nubian Nightmare at the airport…he had scheduling conflicts. Only in his own twisted mind do any world leaders have an ounce of respect for this no-talent clown.

Proud grandparents with Miss Jessie Lynn Pistol. She got all her usually neon-colored hair chopped off and she’s wearing enough makeup to be a…well….let’s not go there. Papa, Grandma, and Jess 10313406_463691423762257_6892242277172645738_n-500x500 facts-500x400 These posters greeted Abortion Barbie on her recent fundraising trip to Californicate. ca6 This is Spencer Smith. He’s a teacher at Heritage High School in Brentwood,Ca. For his yearbook photo he paid tribute to room-temperature thug,St. Skittles. “I think it’s a good idea because he’s expressing himself. Because that’s the whole point of yearbook pictures, you’re supposed to express yourself,” said Alfreda Charway Heritage High School’s Black Student Union President. High schools have black student unions now? Screen-shot-2014-05-23-at-1_15_42-PM bpko potus-informed what-will


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Ken and Barbie ken the barbie

ken and barbie ken and barbie

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What passes for leadership in the Democrat Party

CNN reported Democrats are unhappy with their Messiah? Yup. According to this CNN report, Democrats are privately calling President Obama “detached,” “flat footed,” and “incompetent.”

I can’t help wondering what they think of Senator Harry Reid, the man THEY elected to be Senate Majority Leader, the man who has not passed a SINGLE BUDGET since Obama took office. Please to note that Congress is legally mandated to pass a budget EVERY YEAR. The House sends their budgets to the Senate where Reid apparently uses the paper for … other purposes. The House has also passed numerous “fix the VA” bills … with bipartisan support … that again Reid has refused to bring to the Senate for a vote.

Reid did manage to take a breather from screaming about the Koch Brothers, at least long enough to scream at the Washington Redskins.

Senate Democrats took time out of their busy schedules to tackle what Harry Reid says is one of the biggest issues facing America right now.

Did they figure out how to balance the budget and pay down the debt? Maybe they figured out how to scale back job-killing regulations to take on the high unemployment rate or stagnant economy? Perhaps they reached an agreement to actually secure our southern border and stem the tide of illegal immigration, drugs and terrorists?

No, they didn’t address any of those things. They sent a letter to the NFL and the Washington Redskins demanding that they change their name, because they believe it is racist towards Native Americans.

Read the rest @

Bruce Allen, the President of the Washington Redskins organization, told Reid to get to work dealing with real issues.

The actual origin of the word (redskin) is entirely benign and reflects more positive aspects of relations between Indians and whites. Our use of “Redskins” as the name of our football team for more than 81 years has always been respectful of and shown reverence toward the proud legacy and traditions of Native Americans.

Read the rest @

I’d bother to wonder when Democrats were going to DUMP Know-Nothing-Do-Nothing “leaders” … but they seem to be hell-bent on electing the Queen of What Difference Does It Make to take over from Mr. Detached Incompetent Flat Foot.

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