March 2015 Solar Eclipse and Third TETRAD Blood Moon also have 33 CE matchers!

Remember how I showed you that the First and Second Blood Moons were Medjugorje Anniversaries of the Blood Moons that marked the John 6 and John 7,8 events?  (See Sources below for links to my blogs. Click on graphics to embiggen.)

I explored the possibility that the upcoming Solar Eclipse and Third Blood Moon might also be Medjugorje matchers for the last weeks of Jesus life and again found remarkable similarities between the calendar dates and sky signs.

Like the first pair, the 1st century and 21st century calendars match each other and there is a corresponding one day earlier, first century solar and lunar eclipse for each.

0033-2015 Solar-Lunar-Month Matchers - 3rd Blood Moon w arrow

Both solar eclipses are total, though the paths are in different hemispheres.

0033-2015 March solar eclipses with arrow

The paths of both lunar eclipses are similar, but the upcoming one will be a 100%, while the one in 33 CE was about 50%.

0033-2015 April Lunar Eclipses w arrow


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