If it weren’t so damned serious, this would be hilarious

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki actually said OUT LOUD, “I would argue the president doesn’t give himself enough credit for what he’s done around the world, and that’s how the Secretary feels too.”

One reporter asked Jen if she would actually “argue the president doesn’t give himself enough credit?”

As Psaki stumbled to sustain her claim that the Narcissist-in-Chief doesn’t give himself ENOUGH credit, reporters laughed mockingly and pressed the issue.

Associated Press reporter Matt Lee asked whether Obama maybe deserved 200 percent credit.

At the end, a reporter says, “Russia has still annexed Crimea and with Iran there are on-going negotiations. Is that the success you’re talking about?”

[Note: Negotiations with Iran were supposed to be all buttoned up by now.]

Reporters Mock And Laugh At State Dept. Spin On Obama’s Panned Foreign Policy Speech

Tweeters piled on:

  • Jen Psaki said Obama doesn’t give himself enough credit on foreign policy. My drink just shot out of my nose.
  • This was a SPOX, not SNL? OMG.
  • She’s either smoking crack or thinks everyone else is.
  • Someone please provide the name of Ms. Psaki’s supplier … she’s obviously getting the GOOD stuff.
  • They are hell-bent on redistributing the wealth, but not the drugs? NOT Fair…
  • Her body language at the end said, “STFU! That’s my answer, I know it’s dumb, but I’m sticking with it. Leave me alone”
  • Apparently, WH has launched this new Talking Point. John Kerry is reportedly saying something similar.
  • BHO has never taken credit for smuggling weapons to Mexican drug cartels, or for funding terrorists in the Middle East, or for Benghazi, or for Ukraine’s loss of the Crimea.
  • Ditto for getting our access to the international space station denied.
  • Obama’s quiet diplomacy has prevented civil war in Antarctica.
  • He has successfully bowed to more world leaders than any other president….other than that…I got nothing.
  • He’s sort of like Hitler, who clearly didn’t give himself enough credit for uniting the world.
  • A flipped quarter would make for a better leader than the current loser we have now!
  • Even the lapdog media is realizing he doesn’t do anything. This can’t be good for him.
  • “This can’t be good for him.”  And we care why?

This is not Ms. Psaki’s first time at bat for the Obama Tee-Ball Team.

2014_05 Jen Psaki's 2 accomplishment at State Dept

That Jen Psaki is the OFFICIAL SPOKESPERSON for our State Department makes me want to hide my passport.

2014_04 24 Jen Psaki StateDeptSPOX hashtags diplomacy


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One response to “If it weren’t so damned serious, this would be hilarious

  1. I don’t care what these people, like Kerry and Psaki, have been promised. I don’t know how they sleep at night or talk to their kids about their work.

    Wide-eyed kid: “What did you do at the office today, Mommy?”
    Jen P: “I lied, Honey. I lied a lot. In fact, I can’t help but be a little proud of how epically I lied my butt off. In fact, I earned enough cashola by lying to more than pay for the therapy you’re gonna need when you find out what a laughingstock your mother is on the national stage.”