2014 Cross Examination Debate National Champions

The 2014 Cross Examination Debate Association’s national championship featured an all-African-American-female team from Towson University against an all-African-American-male team from the University of Oklahoma. The girls won.

But declaring these students — whose debate skills are typified by this actual quote, “War powers should not be used on niggers, y’all” — to be the best in the nation was not a win for African Americans or females.  It was a loss for America generally and for college debate specifically.

You have to watch these clips from the national championship debate to believe just how BAD these two teams really were.

In other WTF news, a federal health board has ended a ban on Medicare payments for sex-change surgeries.

Obama promised to “fundamentally change America.”  It’s probably the only promise he’s actually kept.  I feel so sad right now. We were a great nation not so long ago.

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  1. Pistol Pete

    it wouldn’t surprise me if some or all of these racist trashbags end up in elective government.Thats where they can really make good money doing their race-hustling crap.