The Civility and Tolerance of the Left

Lefties complain that Fox News doesn’t hire enough minorities. So NATURALLY, when Fox hired a black female (actress Stacey Dash), Lefties piled on the congrats.  Just kidding.  They did what they always do, which is trash any female and/or black who dares to step off the Democrat Plantation.

Via Twitchy:

  • Stacey Dash joins Fox News. Because Fox News needed to be more clueless
  • fox news adds another coon newscaster
  • Congrats on your new token, Fox!
  • she truly thinks she’s a white woman
  • motherfucker’ll fit in well w/ all the other dummies
  • F Stacey Dash
  • Turncoat ass bitch
  • Ew! Truly USELESS Actress
  • Stacey Dash just pissed off my entire existence….MY ENTIRE EXISTENCE…who tf hurt her? why is she like this?
  • Somebody please help her get her life.
  • Stacey Dash is now with Fox News to offer cultural analysis? the jokes write themselves.
  • Lunatics follow lunatics.
  • how is Stacey Dash about to “contribute” to Fox News like straight-to-DVD black cinema aint pay some of them bills.

As per usual, the Leftists hashtag – #YesAllWomen – REALLY means #YesAllWomenNotConservative. But Stacey refused to be sucked into the hate fest. She tweeted this gem!

2014_05 28 Stacey Dash laughs at hate



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4 responses to “The Civility and Tolerance of the Left

  1. Ting

    Just when you think you cannot be surprised anymore…….


  2. Pistol Pete

    I was going to post about this today.This is what happens to any black that strays off the liberal plantation.What rankles me is at several sites the header begins:Clueless Stacy Dash,instead of Stacy Dash,actress in the film “Clueless”.This would indicate it is she who is clueless.It may be lazy editing,but I think it was an intentional dig at her.